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FM tells Economist: You painted too dark and pessimistic picture of Thailand


The Thai Foreign Ministry has written to “The Economist” after the British news magazine has published several articles about Thai politics. This is what was published in the latest issue:

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Power Changes People


Monumental mass protest on October 14, 1973 went down in the Thai history as the first fight for democracy, calling for a constitution in order to break free from years of a dictatorship regime.

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October: Bittersweet Reminder of Fight for Democracy


In a bleak way of looking at things, the 36th anniversary of the October 14th bloodbath in 1973 was earlier commemorated with another bloodshed, the violent crackdown on the People’s Alliance for Democracy rally on October 7, 2008.

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Red shirts act like terrorists


The government will be within its rights to crack down on the extreme threats and tactics of the demonstrators Continue reading

TURMOIL IN CITY :Abhisit refuses to budge, declares Friday national holiday


Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has declared Friday a national holiday as he stands firm against the red-shirt protesters who caused traffic turmoil in Bangkok on Thursday. Continue reading

Why Thaksin won’t quit Thai politics

Notwithstanding his recent comments on CNN and in Time magazine, deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has sent mixed signals on his political intentions. On the one hand, he stated categorically that he has had enough where his future role in Thai politics is concerned, that he wants to spend his time with family and on charity activities. On the other, Thaksin has practically staged a political offensive with personal comments in the media and views expressed through his representatives at home and abroad, taking the Council for National Security and the interim government to task for undermining Thai democracy and mismanaging the economy. Continue reading