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KING IN THAI HEARTS: Why Thai People Hold HM the King So High in Their Reverence and Endless Love


Since Sept. 19, 2009, HM the King has stayed at Siriraj Hospital for 22 days by Sat. Oct. 10. The number of people who went to Siriraj Hospital to sign their get-well wishing for His Majesty has reached nearly 500,000 names across the spectrum of social statuses and geographical areas. Some of Them came to pray in front of HM’s Portrait and at both the monuments of Prince Mahidol of Songkla, HM the King’s father and the Princess Mother.

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The King of Thailand in World Focus


“When you talk about our king, he is not only a great king but he is a good king, and I make a distinction. You can be a great man with so many shortcomings and so many faults. But when you say he is a good man, to me it means more. The fact that he is a good king personally means much more than he is a great king. To be a good king, to be a good man, it is something you have to earn – you do not inherit it.” Continue reading