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KING IN THAI HEARTS: Why Thai People Hold HM the King So High in Their Reverence and Endless Love


Since Sept. 19, 2009, HM the King has stayed at Siriraj Hospital for 22 days by Sat. Oct. 10. The number of people who went to Siriraj Hospital to sign their get-well wishing for His Majesty has reached nearly 500,000 names across the spectrum of social statuses and geographical areas. Some of Them came to pray in front of HM’s Portrait and at both the monuments of Prince Mahidol of Songkla, HM the King’s father and the Princess Mother.

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Thais Nationwide Take Advantage of Auspicious No.9 to Pay Tribute to HM the King


Thais nationwide are taking advantage of the auspicious date number 09/09/09 (September 9, 2009) with a special ceremony scheduled for tonight at 9.09am for the Thai public to come together and sing the royal anthem for His Majesty the King

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REACHING OUR NEW LOW: The utter hypocrisy of the pardon petition


A WOMAN wearing a red shirt got on a crowded “hot bus” (as opposed to the air-conditioned “cool bus”) in Bangkok one afternoon. She looked around and spoke up: “Anyone here signed the pardon petition for Than (The Eminence) Thaksin?”……Silence

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The monarchy and the people depend on each other


“Unfortunately for Thailand, recent political upheavals have tried to destroy this unique feature of the Thai political system, in which the monarchy is an integral part. Thailand has the most unique political system in the world, with the monarchy as the ultimate symbol and stabiliser of last resort. But some quarters of Thai society are intent on destroying this system due to their ignorance and arrogance, and through their belief that liberal democracy and capitalism will bring stability and prosperity to the country”

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Thaksin appeal for King’s intervention smacks of hypocrisy


Once describing himself as a “tamed dog”, it appears that convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has now irreversibly turned a full-time “vicious and mad dog” biting at the hands which once fed him and barking at everyone even at his own shadow. Continue reading

His Majesty and the Country’s Governance

The King of Thailand

The King of Thailand

Seventy four years ago on June 24, 1932, the so-called Absolute Monarchy in Siam was ended by a coup, even though the then reigning and ruling King Prajadhipok was undertaking steps to bring about a Constitutional Monarchy. On March 2, 1935, the King abdicated, saying: “Now that I am of the opinion that my desire for the people to have a real voice in the policies of the country has not been fulfilled and as I feel that now there is no longer any way for me to assist and protect the people, I therefore desire to abdicate…” Continue reading