Thaksin Shinawatra, Official International Terrorist!!

Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive criminal from Thailand,on May 25, 2010 has been official put on the most wanted criminal of Thailand, as the criminal court releases an arrest warrant for a conviction of a terrorist. The charge is carried out by the Department of Special Investigation, Thai equivalent of American FBI. Thaksin then becomes the first Prime Minister of Thailand who is charged with such serious offences.

Thaksin’s struggle include instigation of rural people dressing in red-shirts to protest and overturn the current democratically elected PM Abhisit Vejjajiva. During April 2009, thousands of red-shirts violently blocked Asean Summit meeting in Pattaya, and later riotted on Bangkok streets, set fires to buses and randomly shot at innocent civilians.

Thaksin also funds on-sale politicians, Pua Thai party for parallel political attacks in the parliament. International media such as Dan Rivers of CNN, Jonathan Head of BBC are suspects for unfair reports in favour of Thaksin.

April 2010, red-shirts held camp-out rally on Raj Damnoen road. On April 10, red-shirts mixed with heavily armed masked men-in-black assasinated five officers of anti-insurgency troops with M-79 grenades and stealthily shot dead twenty rallying red-shirts to fake a smear on the troops, near Kok Wua junction.

From mid April to May 2010, they moved to seize an area about a square mile over central high streets of Bangkok namely Raj Damri road, Raj Prasong road, Rama I road, Chidlom, Saladaeng, Siam Square which is equivalent to: Oxford street, Oxford Circus, Marble arch, Leicester Square of London; Times Square of New York; or the whole Shin Ju ku of Tokyo. They set up well-fortified entrenchment and roadblocks with stacks of tyres and armed themselves with sticks, staves, knives, swords, makeshift explosives and propane tanks to surround a center stage.

The worst Thaksin’s terrorism was to conspire with ex-servicing Generals, military cadet classmates of Thaksin himself to arm hundreds of masked mercenaries-in-black with rifles AK-47, machine guns, hand grenades, M-79 grenades launchers, c4-explosive mines and rocket propelled grenade (RPG) to sabotage the whole Bangkok. Over a dozen sporadic M-79 attacks occured all over Bangkok during March-May 2010, while during the week of crackdown the rallies, particularly on May 17-19, 2010 over a hundred of M-79 shots were fired at the soldiers.

With Thaksin’s huge amount of continuous bribery to the top polices, the police system became paralyzed and passively resisting to the government order. PM Abhisit has to bring military troops in to control the situation.

While the troops slowly and carefully closed in the rally stage on May 19, the terrorists set fires to the tyre stacks and targetted buildings, department stores and shopping arcades, only sparing hotels, stores belonging to Thaksin’s allies. About 80 people died and 1,800 injured following Thaksin’s mercenary campaign VS military crackdown ordered by the government. 30 major sites, including banks, hotels and a part of a television station and a part of the stock exchange were mostly burnt down to the ground amidst terrorist snipers’ shot on firefighters and civilians. Hundreds of shopowners get bankrupt. Thousands of employees get laid-off. Some were homeless. About 50 thousand million bahts lost is estimated to be the basic economic lost to the country.

Thaksin terrorism is not yet finished since Thaksin and his followers have announced threats of incendiary to townhalls, government offices, hospitals, Muslim mosques and any public targets. Thaksin knew the possibility of the arrest warrant for terrorism, thence he left France for Montenegrin one day before the court issue, just to get lost into his hiding cave just like Ossama Bin Laden, waiting for another malicious attacks. Montenegrin passport and newly acquired nationality of Thaksin may turn useless for him to enter Europe. Thaksin now can hardly expose himself in 190 countries which have signed the international treaty for anti-terrorism.

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