Myanmar Journalist Criticizes Hun Sen’s Remark in Comparing Thaksin to Aung San Suu Kyi


The Irrawaddy News magazine published a commentary article criticizing the provocative statement Cambodian PM Hun Sen made shortly after his arrival in Thailand to attend ASEAN Summit in Hua Hin, calling his remark ill-considered and insulting to Thailand and Myanmar.

In his article ‘The World is not Flat’, Aung Zaw, editor at the Irrawaddy, said the ill-considered remark from the head of the Cambodian government illustrates the quality of the country’s leadership

Aung Zaw said Aung San Suu Kyai has been the symbol of the democratic process in Myanmar and cannot be compared to Thaksin Shinawatra, whose gross record of human rights violation through a ‘War of Drugs’ was announced during his tenure.

Aung Zaw said Thaksin claimed to have good knowledge of the situations in Myanmar but in fact he befriended the Myanmar junta for his own interests.

During the ASEAN summit in Bali, Indonesia in 2004, to the surprise of many delegates, Thaksin gave Myanmar his unconditional support and praised Myanmar PM General Khin Nyunt’s sincerity’.

Philippines president Gloria Arroyo later revealed that Thaksin defended Myanmar throughout the entire summit.

Aung Zaw said that during Thaksin’s tenure, Thailand was the third-largest investor in Myanmar, exporting goods worth 1.26 billion US dollars annually.

The article also detailed Thaksin’s business dealings in Myanmar during his tenure.

Shin Corp, a company owned by Thaksin’s family, signed a deal with an ISP run by the son of General Khin Nyunt in 2003.

Thaksin also proposed the construction of a ski resort in Kachin state and the development of the beaches of Arakan State in the North of Myanmar.

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THE WORLD IS NOT FLAT” article with pictures>> The upside-down world of Hun Sen and Thaksin


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