EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Ball now in Cambodia’s court – Thai PM


Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Monday that the “ball was in Cambodia’s court,” suggesting that it was up to Prime Minister Hun Sen to strengthen or weaken the bilateral ties following verbal spat between the leaders over the weekend.

Speaking to Nation Multimedia Group’s editor-in-chief, Suthichai Yoon, Abhisit said there would be no diplomatic protest or recalling of Thai ambassadors following a statement from Hun Sen that he would welcomed his old friend Shinawatra Thaksin to Cambodia.

The interview will be broadcast on World Pulse television programme to be air nationwide on Tuesday evening on Channel 9,

Hun Sen had said he would not extradite Thaksin to face prison terms in Thailand because he considered his crime to be political in nature and added that he would make the fugitive premier his economic advisor.

Abhisit said Hun Sen needed to hear all the facts before any conclusion could be reach.

The Cambodian needed to know what law Thaksin had violated and then decide as to whether Thaksin should be deported to Thailand if and when he set foot in Cambodia.

Abhisit dismissed suggestion that Hun Sen statement spoiled the 15th Asean Summit, which was hosted by Thailand over this past weekend, maintaining that he was satisfied with the outcome.

None of the leaders at the summit asked about Hun Sen’s statement, said Abhisit.

Abhisit also referred to Chavalit Yongchaiyudh’s mission to Cambodia after which he revealed Hun Sen’s decision to welcome Thaksin with an open arm.

Abhisit suggested in the interview that that the Pua Thai political bigwig needs to reevaluate his own conduct to see if his action had hurt or help ThaiCambodia relations.

Abhisit said he was willing to talk to Thaksin on national reconciliation provided that the fugitive premier return to the country and accept the country’s justice system and the decision to convicted him of fraud and corruption.

“If he is not willing to abide by our law then what’s the use of talking to him,” Abhisit asked.


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