An open letter from Dr Prawase to Thaksin: Drop hatred, adopt new consciousness


Don’t expect Thaksin Shinawatra to heed the latest piece of advice from Dr Prawase Wasi. But the good civil society activist doesn’t seem to be tired of offering a way out for the self-exiled ex-premier.

In his “open letter” to Thaksin, Dr Prawase urged Thaksin to abandon his sense of revenge and hatred and instead develop a “new balance” by adopting a “new consciousness.”

He writes: “Khun Thaksin: You have great potentials to do good or bad deeds. If you transform yourself from a sense of revenge to the higher ground of new consciousness, you will find happiness you have never experienced before.”

Dr Prawase says Thaksin told him when they last met that the latter’s standards “are too high” for the then premier to achieve.

“My standards aren’t too high. In fact, you have the great ability to do greater things that what you are doing now….” Dr Prawase writes.

He ended the open letter by saying: “You have a niece who understands the concept of new consciousness thoroughly. I am sure she would be willing to meet you to discuss this issue, anywhere, including Dubai. I wish you the ability to carry out the transformation.”

Thai Talk


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