History to Repeat Itself?


Political turmoil caused by the 2006 coup, which removed Thaksin from power while he was attending the same UN meeting in September 2006, has yet to be resolved and now we face another prospect of yet another PM not coming back to his office for good.

Despite different circumstances and the PM’s confidence that people whom he entrusts to hold the fort will be able take care of business, many risk factors remain unaddressed.

To reduce the chance of another coup, the PM needs to resolve these risk factors before he travels aboard. The most desirable scenario would be that the army and the police are on the same page while the government coalition parties continue to support each other. The question is whether this scenario is an impossible mission given the following pressing concerns.

Reports indicate that two police officers are linked to a bomb thrown at a house formerly owned by Vicha Mahakhun, an NACC member following the indictment of a former PM, former deputy PM, and two high-ranking police officers for their part in October 7th crackdown. Will police find the culprits?

The PM, although he was reportedly surrounded by security forces during his Lopburi trip, Abhisit abruptly ended his trip after red shirt supporters threw feces and smelly fermented fish at his car.

The appointment of a new national police chief has become increasing problematic for Abhisit himself. Although a report said this matter will be settled before his departure for the U.S., no one can foresee the result.

Not to mention that, at the joint Parliament meeting, charter amendments are being discussed. While opening up a venue for politicians to voice their views on the issue, it is unlikely that a solution can be found. Instead of making a progress towards national reconciliation, it could become grounds for further conflicts which could lead to further violence.

Thailand’s current situation is fragile indeed.

From ‘Kla Dai Kla Sia’ by Sailofa, Thai Rath, Page 6, September 15

Rewritten, edited for clarity and length by Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

TAN Analysis


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