NACC member’s former house attacked


An explosive was thrown into a former house of Wicha Mahakhun, a member of the National Anti-Corruption Commission early Friday morning in Bangplat district, damaging the house and another house nearby. No one was injured.

Wicha however no longer owned the house as he sold it in July to his neighbour, Yuwaluck Ungpanrangsri, a lecturer of Rajabhat University.

Police said the attack happened about 3.40am.

Wicha said in a telephone interview that he believed the attack was caused by some corruption cases he and the NACC were investigating.

Among them were the police’s crackdown on the yellow shirted protesters in which a protester was killed and many others injured on October 7 last year and the golf course Alphine case.

He said he had been warned before by security authorities about his security and that he should have bodyguards. His neighours also informed him that suspicious men were seen near his house.

Meanwhile in a separate interview, Yuwaluck, who was not in the house when the attack happened, said the attack damaged only roofs of Wicha’s former house which was empty but caused more damage to her own house more.

The explosion, she said, damaged her car, the roofs and door glasses.

She quoted a neighbour as saying that the attackers may use pick up to do the attack as sound of pick up’s engine was heard before the attack.

By The Nation


Bomb thrown at former home of NACC member

A grenade was thrown at the former home of a member of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), Vicha Mahakun, in Bangkok’s Bang Plad area about 2am on Friday, Bang Plad police said.

The explosion damaged the garage roof and some parts of the house, but no one was injured as nobody is living there.

Police said they found fragments of an M-213 grenade at the scene.

Mr Vicha told police he the attack was politically motivated.

He headed the NACC’s inquiry into the Oct 7, 2008 bloodshed outside the parliament, when police used force to end an anti-government demonstration, and also handled the Alpine land case.

Mr Vicha said he sold the property to a university lecturer in July this year, but she had not yet moved into the house.

Police believed the attackers intended to intimidate Mr Vicha rather than kill anyone, because the grenade was not lobbed inside the house.

NACC  member Somluck Chadkrabuanpol  said commission chairman Panthep Khlanarongran had earlier warned all members to be careful about their safety after the agency ruled against out-going police chief Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwon and former metropolitan police commander Pol Lt-Gen Suchart Muankaew.

Both men how face criminal and disciplinary charges.

The Alpine land case has also suddenly re-emerged and become  very political.

NACC spokesman Klanarong Chantik said after the incident that the NACC members are not intimidated by the attack.

Mr Klanarong said explosion would not influence the NACC, which ruled against police chief Patcharawat Wongsuwon, former prime minister Somchai Wongsawat, ex-deputy prime minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh and former Region 4 commander Suchart Muenkaew for their actions during the harsh crackdown on the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) on October last year.

“The incident will not affect our work,” Mr Klanarong said. “Everyone works transparently. Whatever happens does not discourage us.”

He also said NACC chief Panthep Klanarongran would decide whether the issue of increased security at members’ homes should be discussed.

It would also depend on whether the government thought it necessary, he added.

Bangkok Post


Another NACC Member Target of a Bomb Attack

Hot on the heel of the before-dawn bombing at National Anti-Corruption Commissioner Wicha Mahakhun’s residence, another member of the NACC, Vichai Vivitsevi recieved a bomb threat.

Vichai Vivitsevi, another member of the National Anti-Corruption Commssion, recieved a bomb threat.

Vichai’s fellow commissioner, Wicha Mahakhun was a target of a bomb attack early this morning. A grenade was thrown into his former residence in Bangplad area. However, the perpetrator was not not aware that Wichai has already sold the house to his neighbor 3 months ago.



Metropolitan Police Step up Security at Resideces of National Anti-Corruption Commission

The Metropolitan Police has stepped up security at residences of members of the National Anti-Corruption Commission after the residence of NACC member Wicha Mahakhun was a target of a grenade attack.



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