Thaksin battles with cancer


Thaksin Shinawatra’s health is deteriorating following his chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.

 Recently, a team of doctors from Rama IX Hospital went to Koh Kong to treat Thaksin with chemotherapy for his prostate cancer. There were reports that he was not feeling fine with the treatment. In the previous treatment, the Rama IX Hospital doctors went to Dubai to treat Thaksin’s cancer.

However, Thaksin has continued to keep his political hope alive. He is busier with his twitter.


Today, he said he could wait to talk to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva as Abhisit seemed to have many problems to deal with.

Thaksin said in his twitter; ThaksinLive, that he sympathised with Khun Abhisit who he said was busy solving many obstacles.

“I can wait to talk to Khun Abhisit as he is now busy with many problems,” Thaksin tweeted.

He was responding to twitter interview between Abhisit and Nation Group’s editor in chief Suthichai Yoon on Tuesday night.

When asked by Suthichai to confirm whether he would not hold any talk with Thaksin if the former prime minister would not return to serve his jail term first, Abhisit replied: “I want everybody to respect the laws”.

“You wouldn’t answer my question,” Suthichai asked back. “Read my answer well and you will find the answer,” Abhisit replied. Asked again by Suthichai to confirm his interpretation, Abhist said: “probably yes.”

By: Thanong Khanthong, 

September 8, 2009

Source: The Nation Weblog


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