Thais Nationwide Take Advantage of Auspicious No.9 to Pay Tribute to HM the King


Thais nationwide are taking advantage of the auspicious date number 09/09/09 (September 9, 2009) with a special ceremony scheduled for tonight at 9.09am for the Thai public to come together and sing the royal anthem for His Majesty the King

In addition, a large number of businesses have opted to register their business license today for good luck while other Thais regard the day as a generally ‘lucky day’ to engage in any endeavor.

Thais come together to sing the royal anthem to pay tribute to His Majesty the King at the auspicious time of 9.09am on 09/09/09.

Special ceremonies are being held concurrently nationwide to pay tribute to HM the King on the auspicious date of 09/09/09. In Bangkok, events are being held at three main locations; Government House, City Hall and Suan Lumpini Park.



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