Poll: Public Wants PM Abhisit to Keep His Post


An opinion poll conducted by ABAC has revealed that the majority of respondents are in favor of the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva-led government and would like to see him remain in office.

The latest ABAC poll by Assumption University’s research department asked about the happiness of the people in the country, and found that 62 per cent of respondents think Thai society will remain in harmony if the fugitive ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra ceases his political movements.

Meanwhile, the poll results indicate that 53 per cent of the population agree with the postponement of the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship or red-shirt group gathering for political assembly at Sanam Luang on Sunday of August 30th.

Regarding the evaluation rating for the government, the results show that 47 per cent want the Democrats to remain in office, while 34.5 per cent of the population want to see a parliament dissolution and 11 per cent agree that a new government should be appointed without a parliament dissolution.

The results also show that only 6.8 per cent of the respondents want the prime minister to resign and 0.3 per cent believe resorting to coup d’etat would be the best political solution.

The poll also reveals that people are most worried about political uncertainty and the violence in the southernmost provinces.



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