PAD Coordinator: red-shirt Leaders Lack Unison and Common Strategy


The People’s Alliance for Democracy Coordinator has said that the supporters of the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship cancelled their Sunday protest because their plan to incite chaos was exposed prematurely, while their leaders lack both unity and a common strategy.

Commenting on the postponement of the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship or DAAD gathering on Sunday, Suriyasai Katasila, the People’s Alliance for Democracy or PAD Coordinator and the secretary-general of the New Politics Party, said that publicizing an audio clip that was purported to be PM’s voice demanding violent crackdown on red-shirt supporters in April, as an interlude to the Sunday gathering was a mistake, because it was proved a product of deceitful editing.


He added that red-shirt leaders lack unity and a common strategy, which has resulted in lack of direction in their movement.

He said the postponement of the Sunday gathering means the DAAD was surrendering to the evidence that the audio clip was fake. Suriyasai believes the DAAD leaders wanted to use the clip as a tool to attack the government at the gathering, but their plan was preempted after a Democrat MP from Songkhla Province ran the clip through some sound-editing software and showed irregularities in its sound wave pattern.

He believes the DAAD leaders were now cooking up new tactics to take on the government, but he says it will be difficult for them as the movement has been seen as increasingly unmerited, while more and more people are speaking against their movement.

Suriyasai says there is a possibility that the red-shirt group will take on an underground movement to attack certain prominent figures and create a stir.

PAD coordinator added that groundless accusations against the government and a change of plan by the red-shirt group will work against the group, referring to the accusation that soldiers killed red shirt supporters in April, and to their promise to cease political activities after the lodging of a royal pardon on behalf of ousted premier and fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra.

He says the Pheu Thai Party is only interested in creating a political theatre to overthrow the government, adding that the party is self-serving and their virtue has been increasingly questioned and met with growing criticism.



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