DOCTORED AUDIO CLIP : 2 SC Assets employees arrested, Police search Shinawatra building


Police have arrested two employees of SC Assets Plc for having allegedly mailed the doctored audio clip of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

The two were arrested on Sunday by Crime Suppression Division police.

They were identified as Kanthima Taemkhru, 29, and Somsak Saeung, 38.

The two were arrested under the warrant issued by the Criminal Court on Sunday on charges of disseminating false information via computer network, causing damage to other people.

Somsak was arrested at a house on Soi Prasarnban in Din Daeng district.

Kanthima from Sukhothai was arrested at her apartment in Chatuchak district.

Central Investigation Bureau Commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Thangai Prassachaksattru and his deputy, Pol Gen Panya Mamen, rushed to the CSD head office Sunday to interrogate the two suspects.

Sources said Thangai instructed all investigators not to give any information to the media.

The sources said the interrogation found that the two  were not the ones who doctored the audio clip to sound that the prime minister ordered the use of violence against red-shirt protesters.

According to the sources, the two simply mailed out the copies of the audio clip after one of them got a CD containing the clip.

Investigators are now finding out from whom one of the suspects had obtained the CD.

Police are also seeking a warrant for searching the SC Assets for more evidence.

The two suspects were released on bail after using B100, 000 in cash each as a guarantee

By The Nation


Two Arrested for Releasing Doctored PM’s Clip

Police have arrested two men suspected of involvement in the release of a doctored audio clip purporting the prime minister ordering a violent crackdown on red-shirt protesters in April.

Officers from the Crime Suppression Division arrested two suspects for allegedly distributing the altered vocal recording of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva purportedly authorizing use of force in suppressing red-shirt protesters.

Both are employees of SC Assets Communication, a company in which a younger sister of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Yingluck, is chairwoman of the executive board.

The suspects were charged with spreading misinformation under Article 14 of the Cyber Crime Act and released on 100,000-baht bail.

The police, meanwhile, have issued a summon against another employee for questioning.

Police Major General Panya Mamen, deputy commander of the Crime Suppression Division, revealed that police are gathering more evidence to secure a search warrant for SC Assets.

He added that he has advised investigators not to disclose any information related to the case as it might affect the investigation.



2 arrested for Thai PM’s audio clip case

BANGKOK, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — Thai police on Monday afternoon executed a search warrant at an ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra-related company after they arrested its two employees for having allegedly mailed a highly-controversial doctored audio clip which distained Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

    According to The Nation online on Monday, the two staff, Kanthima Taemkhru and Somsak Saeung, from SC Asset Corporation, were arrested on Sunday under the warrant issued by the Criminal Court on charges of disseminating false information via network, causing damage to other people. They were released on bail of 100,000 baht (2,940 USD) each.

    2SC Asset, a property development company, is run by Yingluck Shinawatra, sister of convicted ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

    Accompanied by the company’s lawyer, the police examined computers used by the two suspects.

    Pol Col Supisarn Bhakdeenaruenard, deputy commander of the Police Crime Suppression Division, said the two accused had confessed that they had edited the clip and emailed it, but only to some other employees of the company, Thai News Agency reported.

    A doctored clip has been circulated since last Tuesday, in which a voice, seemingly by Abhisit, issues an order to security personnel to use violence to suppress red-shirts’ protest during mid-April, so as to trigger chaos at the then ASEAN Summit in Pattaya and in turn find an excuse to impose Emergency Decree to control the situation.

    Abhisit, however, denied on Thursday he had ever said like that and insisted the clip was doctored in order to discredit the government and to incite the public to cause turmoil.

    Police later tracked the origin of the emails in which the clip has been sent through and found that it was first sent by an SC Asset employee.

    The clip was designed to smear the prime minister, Democrat Party spokesman Buranaj Smutharaks said last Friday, adding that the timing of the clip release appeared to have an ulterior motive to rouse the crowds ahead of Sunday’s rally by the red-shirts, he said.

    The red-shirts, or the supporters of the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), were scheduled to hold an anti-government rally on Sunday (Aug. 30) before the pro-Thaksin group announced to postpone it to Sept. 5 since the government would impose Internal Security Act from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.



Police search Shinawatra building

Crime Suppression Division police on Monday afternoon executed a search warrant at the office of SC Asset, a Shinawatra family property developer, to examine the computers of two employees arrested on Sunday for alleged involvement in the release of a controversial, edited audio clip of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s voice.

Armed with a warrant issued by the Criminal Court, four plain-clothes CSD policemen, led by Pol Lt-Col Withaya Sriprasertparp, deputy superindent of the CSD Division 1, went to the Shinawatra 3 building, where SC Asset is located.

Accompanied by the company’s lawyer, Pichit Chuenban, they examined computers used by the two suspects.

The police were not allowed to take the computers out of the office, but received permission to download data from five computers used by the two SC Asset employees for further examination.

Police want to confirm if they were  involved in doctoring the clip that contained the prime minister’s voice. The audio clip has him ordering tough action against the red-shirts during the Songkran riots. Mr Abhisit has denied issuing such an order.

The prime minister’s Democrat Party claims the email containing the audio clip was sent through the company’s email system.

Mr Pichit said the two employees received a forwarded audio clip and they in turn forwarded it to other employees of the company.

They had not sent the email out of the company or tampered with it, the lawyer said.

The two suspects were arrested on Sunday at their homes. Somsak sae Ueng, 38, and Kanthima Taemkhru, 29,   were charged under the computer crimes law with loading the edited clip from a disk into computers and forwarding it to others.

The two were later freed on bail of 100,000 baht each.

Crime Suppression Division deputy chief Supisarn Pakdinaruenart said checks had confirmed the clip had been doctored.

Posting the altered clip on the internet was a violation of the Computer Crimes Act, he said. The maximum penalty is five years in jail and/or a fine of 100,000 baht.

Former prime minister Thaksink Shinawatra’s sister Yingluck is chairwoman of the executive committee at SC Asset.

Bangkok Post, 31/08/2009


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