Democrats to Press Charges against Pheu Thai for Involvement in PM’s Doctored Audio Clip


The Democrat Party is preparing to file charges against the Pheu Thai Party for its involvement in a doctored audio clip featuring the voice of the premier, stating that the opposition party may face disbandment if it could be proven that the Pheu Thai party deliberately distributed the clip with intent to incite chaos and misunderstanding.

Democrat Party Spokesperson, Buranat Samutarak said the court has ordered the Information and Communication Technology Ministry to shut down the website distributing the PM’s doctored voice clip. Authorities have been assigned to press charges against the culprit who released the disputed clip, under the computer crime act.

Buranat said the Democrat Party had prepared to file charges against those involved in the case, following the court’s ruling and the penal code act. Three groups are reportedly involved including the red-shirt group, the Pongthep Thepkanchana group, the Foundation of House number 111, and the Pheu Thai Party. The Pheu Thai Party could face disbandment if clear evidence is found against it.

Regarding the fact that the doctored clip came from an email from the SC Asset company, which belongs to fugitive ousted Premier Thaksin Shinawatra, the Democrat Party’s spokesman said the party had never mentioned that Thaksin was behind the production of the doctored clip, but only said that it was the action of an employee from the company.



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