Jakrapob’s new myth


What is Jakrapob Penkair up to? That’s the most fascinating question of the hour

For those who haven’t read what he controversially wrote in “Naew Ruam Red” magazine, here’s a brief summary:

Jakrapob thinks the “three buddies”, the current leaders of the red shirted movement, are going astray. The on-going “fight for democracy”, he says, requires thorough thinking and extreme patience, not rabble-rousing or provocation that might yield short-term results but would weaken the campaign in the long run.


Veera Musigapong, Nattawut Saikua and Jatuporn Promphan have been alluded to as a “monkey show”.

“They [still] let you lead because it provides the only opportunity for mass gatherings. They use your stage for a course much more profound than yours. People go to watch a monkey show because it’s fun, but that doesn’t mean they believe the monkeys,” Jakrapob said.

He asked the red-shirted movement to stop believing that Thaksin can return home. Jakrapob warned that Thaksin would be surely assassinated if he did come back.

“To seek justice from those specialising in the game of keeping power is much more difficult than getting a bone out of a dog’s mouth,” he said.

So Jakrapob, who fled at the end of the Songkran turbulence and gave an interview defending the act of violence from his exile, now is in favour of a prolonged, sustained fight for democracy?

In another interview with the BBC shortly after Songkran, he even claimed the red shirts were being driven into a corner and “the room for unarmed and non-violent means to resolve Thailand’s problem is getting smaller every day.”

Now he’s saying misled red followers could walk straight to their doom. Some of the red leaders have been “cheated” before and now are leading millions into the same deception, Jakrapob wrote.

With him and Thaksin hiding separately, we can’t draw a solid conclusion. Either he is trying to present himself as the only one really loyal to Thaksin and to the current course, or his adamant insistence that Thaksin would be better off remaining in exile carries a subtle, hidden message about the two men’s relations.


The Nation, Published on August 28, 2009


Red shirts do not condone Jakrapob splinter group: Jatuporn

The red shirts do not agree with the communist-leaning strategy adopted by fugitive suspect Jakrapob Penkair, red-shirt co-leader Jatuporn Prompan said on Thursday.

Jatuporn confirmed the red shirts had severed ties with the Jakrapob-led splinter group.

“We want democracy under the King as head of state, therefore our activities are limited to attack Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda or lower figures to prevent an escalating fight trangressing the constitutional monarchy,” he said.

Jatuporn said Jakrapob’s ally Surachai Danwattananusorn was an ex-communist prone for violent struggle.


Jakrapob and Surachai have formed the splinter group called Red Siam detaching themselves from the mainstream red-shirt movement.

The Nation


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