Democrats MP Confirms Controversial Audio Clip Fake


A Democrat MP from Songkhla province has run the controversial audio clip through audio-editing software and reveals that the sound wave pattern of the voice clip shows it is not authentic.

Democrat MP Sirichok Sopha compared two patterns of sound waves rendered through the Sony Sound Forge program, to prove that the sound clip showing Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjaviva urging security forces to use violence to crackdown on the red-shirts group was a fake.

Sirichok showed one pattern that represented a natural human voice and one that represented the voice from the clip in question. Sirichok said normal human speech showed a beginning and fading of the voices and pauses for breathing. He says the pattern from the voice in the clip lacks these elements of normal speech.

He said this finding could be presented as evidence in a court hearing, adding that the police science team also concluded that the audio clip was a product of deceitful editing.

While acknowledging that the clip is the result of skilled editing, Sirichok says it is clearly a fabrication, and it could be used to lead to chaos. He added that the source of this audio clip was a company that was closely associated with ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra.



PM’s Spokesman: Controversial Audio Clip Fake

The prime minister has ordered the national police chief to control the upcoming red-shirt protest and find the culprits who fabricated an audio clip in which the prime minister’s voice was reportedly edited so that it sounded like he was ordering a violent crackdown on the red-shirt group in April riot.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva met with national police chief, Police General Patcharawat Wongsuwan and gave him an assignment to control the upcoming red-shirt protest on August 30th and conduct an investigation into the audio clip that is purported to be the voice of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva ordering state officials to use violence to forcefully disband the red-shirt protests in April.

Police General Patcharawat said red shirt group should think twice about distributing the audio clip in question, as they could be held accountable if the clip turns out to be a fabrication. However, he is concerned that due to its sensitive nature , the audio clip could possibly cause a disturbance.

The spokesman for the leader of the Democrat Party, Thepthai Senphong, confirmed that the audio clip was fabrication that aimed to tarnish Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. As a close personal aide to the prime minister, he said it was uncharacteristic for Abhisit to resort to solving problems with violence.

Thepthai confirmed that there had been intelligence from the Foreign Affairs Ministry that ousted Premier Thaksin Shinawatra had been pressured by the United Arab Emirates to leave the country as he had used the country as a base to conduct political attacks on the Thai government. Thepthai said Thaksin now resided in Liberia.

Meanwhile, Democrat Party spokesman Buranat Samutrarak said the party’s intelligence team discovered that there were signs of threats looming regarding the red-shirt gathering. He urged the state security forces to be patient and he ensured that the Internal Security Act would not limit civil rights in any way.

Red-shirt core leader, Jatuporn Phrompan said it could not concluded whether the audio clip was fabricated. He said red-shirt supporters would like the relevant agencies to investigate the clip. However, he said that if the audio clip turns out to be authentic, the upcoming gathering on August 30th will be protracted.

TAN, 28 August 2009


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