It’s time to choose sides, Sondhi tells yellow shirts


People’s Alliance for Democracy leader Sondhi Limthongkul has called on yellow shirt supporters to choose between the New Politics Party or the Democrats.

Mr Sondhi yesterday made his demand when addressing about 200 members of the newly-established party, the PAD’s political party, during a workshop at a Bangkok hotel.

The Democrats were previously seen by some political observers as a key PAD ally in its move to topple the Thaksin Shinawatra government.

Mr Sondhi asked members of both the New Politics Party and the PAD to make it clear which political party they support.

“Today, you have to choose sides. Stop being undecided,” he said.

“If you favour the Democrats, just cross over to their side. If you support the New Politics Party, stick with us.”

Other political parties only protect their vested interests and cannot tackle the country’s problems, he said.

The PAD’s five core leaders will maintain their support for the new party, no matter who else changes their stance, he said.

The other four core PAD leaders are Maj Gen Chamlong Srimuang, Somsak Kosaisuk, Somkiat Pongpaibul, and Pibhop Dhongchai.

The New Politics Party does not know how many seats it could win in an election, but this is not a major concern, said Mr Sondhi.

He said the party is not the “owner” of the PAD. On the contrary, the party would serve as the alliance’s tool and it must share the same principles and ideals.

“The success of ‘new politics’ and the success of the nation have little to do with the setting up of a political party. Nice ideologies on paper will not get the country anywhere,” Mr Sondhi said.

The Democrat Party, the country’s oldest political party, gave rise to the dominance of amart , nobles or bureaucrats, and its founders created the party only to protect their interests, he said.

Throughout its 63-year history, the Democrat Party had failed to build a wider base of supporters beyond those who shared the party’s founding principles, he said.

Bangkok Post, 15/08/2009


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