Happy Birthday Queen Sirikit


HM Queen Sirikit is 77 today. In Thailand, August 12 is also marked as Mothers’ Day.

HM Queen Sirikit, the world’s longest serving consort of a monarch, who celebrates her 77th birthday today.

August 12 is also marked as Mothers’ Day in Thailand.

Born in 1932, Queen Sirikit was married to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej on April 28, 1950, only a week before the coronation of King Bhumibol.

Queen Sirikit also bears the title Queen Regent of Thailand, bestowed upon her after she served as Regent while King Bhumibol undertook a period of service as a Buddhist monk.

She is known for her charity work, which includes serving as honorary President of the Thai Red Cross.

Queen Sirikit received the UNICEF Recognition Award and the UNIFEM Award of Excellence in 1992 in recognition of her work fostering the role of Thai women.


Bangkokians to enjoy thounsand of lights decorated in every area of Bangkok to Clebrate the Queen Birthday

People living in Bangkok will enjoy a beautiful night full of decorative lights and other activities along Ratchadamnern Road on this Mother’s Day, in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday.

A report revealed that a number of people living in Bangkok will come out to enjoy the beautiful night along Ratchadamnern road, which has been decorated with a thousand lights in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen on August 12th, her 77th birthday.

People can enjoy taking photos and walking along the main road to see the decorative lights that will be on display from 6.00 pm until 6 am, the next morning.

People attending the celebration of the Queen’s birthday and Mother’s Day said that it is not necessary to show love to mothers only on Mother Day, as we can show ‘love’ everyday, all year ’round.

Moreover, people in the ceremony would like to wish a Happy Mothers Day to every mother in the country.

The decoration lights and 22 cerebration presentations set up along Ratchadamnern Road will be on display from August 9 until November 30.

TAN, 12 August 2009


Every part of Thailand makes merit on Mother Day

Every part of the country celebrated the Queen’s 77th Birthday and national ‘Mothers Day’ by making merit and participating in celebratory activities on August 12th.

More than 1,000 officers, retailers, students and citizens in Burirum province brought dry-food, which they gave as an offering to more than 99 Buddhist monks in front of town hall in Burirum province. The report said that they are making merit for and celebrating Her Majesty the Queen on her 77th birthday, on August 12.

At Rachaburana Temple in Pitsanulok province, 38-Buddhists gathered at the temple to make merit and to practice the 8-precepts for 3 days in order to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.

Meanwhile, officers, agencies, people from the private sector, students and people in Yala province came together to give food to 77 Buddhist monks as well as to give blood as a donation in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen.

They also held an Islamic celebration. In every part of Thailand, Thai people have joined in Mothers Day’s activities to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.


Her Majesty recounts King’s extensive travels

On the eve of her 77th birthday, Her Majesty the Queen yesterday recounted how His Majesty the King in his healthier decades had driven around the country to reach out to his people.

“His Majesty used to visit people in all regions, even in remote areas. He drove himself and sometimes he had to drive over a river,” Her Majesty said at the Chitralada Villa of Dusit Palace.

Granted an audience were Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, his Cabinet members and their spouses and many other well-wishers.

They had sought an audience to wish her a happy birthday.

“I have been Queen for 59 years. During this period, I have accompanied His Majesty to every region in the country. That has allowed me to see how he has worked for his people … Wherever he goes, he has a map by his side. He has worked on the soil and water for so many decades that he has become an expert now,” Her Majesty said.

She said the King was almost 82 years old now and could no longer take trips to remote areas the way he used to do.

She said her husband’s health was fine and that he exercised by walking along the balcony of Klai Kangwon Palace every day.

“He still carries out royal works, welcomes guests of state and still travels to nearby locations to follow up on various projects,” Her Majesty said.

The Queen said the King also gave instructions for the follow-through of each royal project.

Having more than 3,000 royal projects to promote his subjects’ well-being, the King has worked non-stop for almost 60 years without getting bored, because it is a labour of love for his people, she said.

His Majesty said the King took care of all his people’s well-being, especially poor people with many children. She said she also invited youths of these poor families to the Central region or the Royal Palace to undergo craftsmanship training by the Support Foundation of Queen Sirikit of Thailand, whose masterpieces were now exhibited in the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.

She also praised the assistance given by various agencies in the southernmost province of Narathiwat.

Towards the end of her speech, Her Majesty thanked the audience for listening to her and for giving opportunities to Thai youths, such as her project at the Support Foundation.

She proudly praised the trained youths’ outstanding skills in making golden niello wares despite their age, and said that if the opportunity arrived for her to visit the United States when the global economy improved, she would bring these young craftsmen to see the US and present their works in contests there.

By The nation
Published on August 12, 2009


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