Attorney Urges Immediate Search for Thaksin in Dubai


The Director-General of the Office of the Attorney-General’s Foreign Affairs Department urges relevant authorities to seach for former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra who at present is reportedly in Dubai.

Sirisak Tiyaphan, Director-General of the Office of the Attorney-General’s Foreign Affairs Department, made a statement about the progress of the search for fugitive former prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, who has been charged with fraud and abuse of power while he was the Prime Minister, for his role in the bid for land on Rachadaphisek.

Sirisak cited that current news reports have come in revealing that the children of the ex-premier have traveled to visit Thaksin Shinawatra in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for his birthday. He therefore urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Thai Police to follow up on the whereabouts of Thaksin and to investigate whether he is really in Dubai or not. Sirisak said confirmation is needed in order for his office to coordinate with the UAE for extradition of the former prime minister.

He further revealed that the Office of the Attorney-General addressed the UAE on this issue for the first time in April, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs notified the office that the UAE requested a meeting with the Thai attorney. Nevertheless, there has not been any confirmation on the details of the matter.

Sirisak commented that if there is information on Thaksin being in Dubai, there is no way that the agencies responsible for the matter could be unaware of it. These agencies must investigate the case to confirm Thaksin’s location in order that that the attorney-general can proceed further similar to what they had done before.

The director-general of the Office of the Attorney-General’s international affairs department confirmed that the requisition and all necessary documents have already been prepared.

Before this, The UAE and Thailand had collaborated in the arrest of Michael Bryan Smith, an English businessman, in Thailand, charged with embezzlement in Dubai. Sirisak stated that after the Thai police had captured Smith, the Office of Attorney-General’s Foreign Affairs Department sent a petition to the criminal court on May 21 to detain him while arrangements on extradition of Smith to UAE are on the process.



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