Chakkrapob emerges to state his concern that Thaksin may “drown”


Nobody knows for sure where Chakkrapob Penkae is at the moment. But he did “surface” in an article written for the inaugural issue of “Voice of Taksin” that will hit the newsstands on July 26, Thaksin Shinnawatr’s 60th birthday anniversary.

Chakkrapob, who is on the run after being hit with a number of severe charges at home, seems concerned that his boss may give up the fight too easily.

“I hope, sir, that as you are trying to swim in the sea, you won’t just give up and drown. Who knows, even the sea could dry up one day,” he wrote.

He tried to urge Thaksin to fight on, to fulfil the mission left unfinished by Pridi Panomyong who engineered the 1932 revolution that turned Thailand from absolute monarch to constitutional monarchy. What he really meant was unclear. All I know is that Chakkrpob has tried, so far in vain, to raise Thaksin’s standards to those of the country’s statesman Pridi.

That there is a world of differences between the two doesn’t seem to bother Chakkrapob at all.



PM’s Spokesman: Govt Does Not Pay Attention to ” Voice of Thaksin” Magazine

The prime minister’s spokesman believes the “big surprise” from fugitive former Premier Thaksin Sinawatara on his birthday will not be of interest to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Thepthai Senapong, the Prime Minister’s spokesman, said the red-shirt group has tried to discredit the government by posting incorrect information on the Internet. Also, the launch of their new magazine called “Voice of Thaksin” has posted news of Thaksin’s plan to come back to the country. He added that the magazine could mislead people and it could be compared to a credo.

Thepthai expressed his concern that the assembly of people who join the launch of “Voice of Thaksin” magazine will lead to the activism. He added that the fugitive former premiere is only a political prisoner, not a valuable resource for the country.

Thepthai also revealed that the “big surprise” of the exiled ex-PM mentioned would not affect Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s regular work, and the premiere will not pay attention to Thaksin’s birthday, as it will not benefit the country.

TAN / 22 July 2009


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