Who’s who behind Sondhi assassination plot — as seen by Sondhi


This is the diagram published in today’s Manager newspaper, depicting the belief of what the owner, Sondhi Limthongkul, about who’s who behind the assassinationn attempt against him.


On top of the chart is the “Big Mastermind” who ordered a “lieutenant general” to undertake the plan. He in turn gave the order to a “colonel” who obtained a van fom a “Miss Rasmi” who rented the vehicle to the two main gunmen: Polict Sgt Voravudh and Sgt Panya (the two suspects facing arrest warrants). The chart also alleges that there are ten other “killer teams” assigned to the same task.

The paper says in the front-page’s main headline that police are hunting down a colonel (whose name begins with an S) to link up with the mastermind “Big P.”

All the initials may sound confusing to the general readers. But to those in the know, they are obvious references to obvious personalities. Whether they are the real culprits or whether enough evidence can be collected against them are something else, of course. 

Thai Talk


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