Policeman suspect in the Sondhi shooting case preparing to surrender


Corporal Worawut Mungsanti has contacted deputy national police chief General Thanee Somboonsap to report himself on charges relating to the Sondhi shooting case, a senior police officer said on Friday.

The surrender of Worawut, a non-commissioned officer of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, is expected within the next few days after he has been dismissed due to his leave without permission for 14 days, NSB deputy chief Maj General Adithep Pachamanont said.

Former defence minister and Army chief General Chettha Thanajaro on Friday said he had no involvement in the Sondhi shooting case although one of the two suspects once served under him.

Chettha admitted that suspect Master Sergeant Panya Srihaera used to work on his staff.

“I won’t describe Panya as close to me although he occassionally came to see me when I went to inspect the business at the Trat factory,” hesaid.

He denied that his scent-wood factory had sheltered the fugitive who worked for a month before disappearing ahead of a police raid on Thursday.

Orathai Thanajaro, daughter-in-law of Chettha, said Panya was one of Chettha’s guard when he was defence minister. Panya had not

contacted with Chettha or her family after Chettha left the ministerial position.

Orathai said she only learned that Panya applied for a job at the plant for a month before disappearing with unknown reason.

“I want to raise a point. The case is severe. If (Chettha) would really commit it, why would he let a close person do the job? The link would be too easy,” Orathai said.

NSB commissioner Lt General Wut Liptapanlop, however, had disposed Worawut for being absent for more than 15 days according to the dicipline.

DSI deputy director-general Pol Colonel Narat Sawettanant, the spokesman, said Worawut only showed intention to be transferred to the DSI, but he was not actually transferred. He only joined hands with the DSI on some cases.

DSI personnel knowing Worawut had tried to contact him but fail. They had never heard from him after found missing, Narat said.

By The Nation
Published on July 18, 2009


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