Large No. of PAD Supporters Gather to Protest against Terrorism Charge


A large number of supporters of the People’s Alliance for Democracy gathered in front of the Royal Thai Police Club on Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road since 6am this morning.


Key PAD speakers and members plan to refuse to answer to the police’s summon until the police remove the terrorism charge. PAD lawyer Suwat Apaipak says the terrorism charge is extremely unreasonable and the PAD will not acknowledge the summon nor the terrorism charge.



Chief Investigator of PAD Airport Case Takes PAD Stage


Chief investigator of the PAD airport closure case takes the makeshift PAD stage in front of the Royal Thai Police Club.

Chief investigator overseeing the PAD airport closure case Asst Nat’l Police chief Lt-Gen Wuth Puawet takes the stage to address the large number of PAD supporters who’ve gathered to provide moral support for the 36 key PAD members who’ve been accused of terrorism.

Lt-Gen Wuth said that he does not believe the PAD members should be charged with terrorism. He said the police will take into consideration the additional evidence provided by PAD lawyer Suwat Apaipak. Lt-Gen Wuth said the police will treat the case and the accused fairly.

Lt-Gen Wuth won over the PAD supporters by saying that he’ll make sure justice is served fairly and honestly. He added that police officers are government bureaucrats and their most important duty is to serve the public.




PAD to dispute terrorism charge releated to two Bangkok airports seizures in December

Some 30 of 36 co-leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy will this morning meet with investigators in order to lodge their opposition to the police charge for international terrorism, PAD spokesman Suriyasai Katasila said on Thursday.

Suriyasai said the 30 co-leaders, including himself, have not planned to surrender to the police summonses which they see as containing trumped-up charges related to the seizures of Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports in December.

“Investigators are obligated to acknowledge the dispute to the terrorism charge and they might upgrade the summones for questioning to the warrants of arrests but the PAD co-leaders will rebut the charge in courts only,” he said.

Hundreds of yellow shirts from upcountry have started to rally in front of the Police Officers’ Club, the designated venue for the meeting, to show moral support to their co-leaders.

 The Nation


PAD petitions against terror charge


Two lawyers for leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy facing charges over the blockade of Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports late last year submitted a petition to police investigators at the Police Club on Vibhavadi Rangsit road on Thursday morning.

Suwat Apaipak and Nitithorn Lamlua  said of the seven charges to be filed against the 35 PAD leaders the severest was the terrorism charge under Article 6 (bi) of the Criminal Code, which carries a possible death sentence.

They said the terrorism charge was unduly severe, the PAD leaders could not acknowledge it and want the investigators to review it.

Altogether 36 leading PAD members were summoned to hear the charges by Thursday.  Only Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya has acknowledged the charges, reporting earlier, but he later also submitted a petition asking  investigators to reconsider the terrorism charge.

Supporters for the 35 PAD leaders still facing the charges began to gather at the Police Club about 6am on Thursday.  The lawyers submitted the defence statement at 9.45am.

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