Fact-finding Panel Rules PM Was in Attacked Car


The House fact-finding panel ruled that there is no evidence to prove the Prime Minister was not inside his official car when it was attacked by red-shirt protesters at the Interior Ministry.

Chairperson of the House subcommittee probing the chaos that broke out at the Interior Ministry, Naruemol Siriwat , said there is no evidence to suggest that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva had left the car before it was attacked by red-shirt protesters on April 13.


Nauremol said the panel is confident the Prime Minister was, in fact, in the car when it was mobbed by angry red-shirt protesters who stormed the ministry compound. She added that security measures imposed by the military and police for the premier then were extremely lacking.

Meanwhile, the findings by the subcommittee investigating the protests that lead to the cancellation of the ASEAN meeting in Pattaya revealed that the red-shirt protesters had intended to storm the meeting venue. It was concluded that the demonstrators laid siege to the meeting venue with the intention to force the government to call a House dissolution or for the military to stage another coup.

The panel also believes there were loopholes in intelligence gathering and enforcement of security protocol.

Panel’s chairman Anothai Ritthipanyawong also said the subcommittee has found no links to indicate that the government had masterminded the movement of blue-shirt protesters who clashed with the red-shirt group in Pattaya. Red-shirt protesters alleged that the government had ordered policemen to put on blue t-shirts and attempt to drive away anti-government protesters from the ASEAN summit venue.

Anothai added that the panel doubts why several red-shirt leaders involved in the storming of the ASEAN meeting venue in Pattaya have not been prosecuted.



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