Prosecutor Urges Relevant Authorities to Determine Thaksin’s Whereabouts


The chief prosecutor for foreign affairs is pressing authorities to determine the whereabouts of the exiled former prime minister so that his office can move on with court proceedings.

Director-General of the Office of Attorney-General’s Foreign Affairs Deparment, Sirisak Tiyaphan urged authorities to track down former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, though he admitted that it could be a difficult task.

He also advised all parties involved in the investigation to pay attention to reports that some Puea Thai Party members and supporters of the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship are going to visit the ousted premier in Dubai.

Sirisak noted that as Thailand has no extradition treaty with the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, and that any procedures in relation to that must go through Foreign Affairs Ministry instead. In relation to this, the director-general said he has sent correspondences requesting information regarding Thaksin to the UAE and Nicaraguan governments, but has not received a response.

Sirisak continued, saying that authorities should make every effort to determine Thaksin’s location so that his office can continue its proceedings.



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