Deputy PM Forewarns Thaksin Not to Instigate Another Riot via Phone-ins


The Deputy Prime Minister aims to charge ousted Thaksin Shinawatra, if officials determine that his phone-ins have instigated the red-shirts to topple the government within three months as was reported in the news, and forewarns Thaksin to listen to the majority of the people who do not want disharmony in society.

The Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban says that if the fugitive ousted premier, Thaksin Shinawatra’s phone-ins indicate that he wants the red-shirt supporters to try to bring down the government within three months, he will be charged with violating the law.

Suthep insistes that he is not anxious about Thaksin’s frequent phone-ins, as this is the kind of thing that he would expect from the ex-premier.

The deputy prime minster also added that he had not followed-up on the fact that Thaksin was reportedly moving out of Dubai.

Suthep said that Thaksin should listen to the people, who are calling for him to stop creating disharmony in society through his phone-ins.

At the same time, Suthep stated that Thai people should not be focusing only on Thaksin’s case, as there are many other matters that need to be solved such as illegal-drug trafficking or the security problem. With regarding these issues, Suthep said he is certain the government’s efforts will eventually be recognized.



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