Giles Ji Ungpakorn, His Sincere Confession of Being An Anti-Royalist


Giles Ji Ungpakorn got on the red-shirts stage, wearing bright red-shirt to condemn the Lese Majeste law. He committed a Lese Majeste act with his book “A Coup For The Rich” and was charged by the police of committing Lese Majeste. In February, 2009 he jumped bail and left his teaching post at Chulalongkorn University for Britain, claiming that he is not a Thai, but a half Chinese half British.

 His other previous articles proved himself as a faithful in what he preaches, Marxism-Leninism Communism.”

This below is an exerpt from the interview by Radio Australia just after he fled from Thailand before the red-shirts riot in April 2009. By his own words below, he has frankly confessed an intentional threat to the Monarchy of Thailand. Such act is considered harmful to the national security of Thailand.

GILES: Yes I am and basically because I don’t believe I would receive a fair trial, the political climate in Thailand is nearing a situation like a police state. The courts are biased. I think the government is trying to create a climate of fear in conjunction with the efforts of the military. They’ve opened a website so people can inform on each other, and tracing people’s IP numbers back to their homes and putting people in jail for putting comments on the internet…..

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