PAD Member Drops Libel Lawsuit after Official Apology


The PAD supporter who lost his right arm during the violent clash with police in October of last year dropped a libel lawsuit against four defendants after both sides were able to come to a settlement.


PAD supporter Chingchai Udomcharoenkit who lost his right arm during the violent confrontation with the police on October 7th of last year had sued four defendants in a libel case.

The four being sued were Deputy Police Spokesman Police Major General Suraphol Thuanthong, Khao Sod newspaper, its news editor Thakorn Bhunparn, and its columnist Padet Pureepatiparn.

Police Major General Suraphol Thuanthong

Police Major General Suraphol Thuanthong

Chingchai accused the four of making false statements against him. The statements in question were made during a press conference that was held by Suraphol, and at which he implied that Chingchai possessed an explosive during the notorious clash. The rest of the defendants were being sued for publicizing the statement in the Khao Sod newspaper.

In a room at the Criminal Court, designated for settling the case, Suraphol and Khao Sod columnist Padet met with Chingchai’s lawyer Suwat Apaipak, in an effort to reach a settlement regarding the lawsuit. Chingchai himself could not come because he had to undergo an operation.

They took about two and a half hours to reach the settlement.

Suraphol admitted that he did make an announcement that Chingchai had an item on him that appeared to be, or looked like an explosive. It was later revealed by the doctor who treated Chingchai that the item in question was just a leather key chain.

Suraphol offered his apologies to Chingchai and added that he would inform his superiors about the settlement and the case in the hopes that he can prevent other police agencies from making similar false statements about Chingchai in the future.

The Khao Sod newspaper agreed to publish a retraction and a statement correcting the mischaracterization of Chingchai.

Chingchai's lawyer Suwat Apaipak(L), Chingchai Udomcharoenkit (R)

Chingchai's lawyer Suwat Apaipak(L), Chingchai Udomcharoenkit (R)

Suwat, who represented Chingchai, confirmed that the lawsuit against the four defendants has been dropped.

TAN Network



It is just a leather key ring!

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