New Politics Party Registers with Election Commission


Executive Members of New Politics Party to Be Selected in 2 Months

The New Politics Party interim leader and the party’s founders applied for registration with the Election Commission today. After endorsement by the commission, the party will hold a meeting to select its leader and board members.

At the auspicious time of 9.09 a.m. today, New Politics Party interim leader Somsak Kosaisuk and interim secretary-general Suriyasai Katasila applied to register the party with the Election Commission, or EC.

The party is founded by 27 board members and supported by the People’s Alliance for Democracy, or PAD. Somsak is the only one of the five PAD leaders on the list.

Interim party leader Somsak reiterated that the New Politics Party intends to sustain the Monarchy and battle against corruption. The party will focus on encouraging public participation in politics.

Somsak insisted that he is not worried about competing with the Democrat Party in the next general election even though the two groups were allies in the past.

The EC needs about 30 days to examine the application and other related documents to decide if the party can be officially registered.

Meanwhile, interim secretary-general Suriyasai Katasila disclosed that the required number of members and party branches will be concluded within a week after the EC endorses the party’s registration.

Suriyasai said a party meeting will then be held to select party leader and board members. The process will be completed in two months.

All key PAD leaders are scheduled to meet to discuss their stance on the New Politics Party. They will also delegate work between the PAD and the party to function in parall.

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New Politics,  new challenge,  new test

The New Politics Party (NPSP) was officially registered today with the National Election Commission. But who’s going to be the real party leader?

Will Somsak Kosaiyasuk, the temporary party leader, be made the permanent one? Suriyasai Katasila, the secretary-general, admits that the five core members have yet to iron out the role of the leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) in the new party.

“We will meet again this Saturday to continue our discussion within the inner circle on what role each of the five core members would play. There are strong pros and cons for and against the five leaders being involved in the politics of party and that of a pressure group. Whether Khun Sondhi (Limthongkul) will eventually lead the party or not remains an open question,” Suriyasai said. He said he wan’t quite sure whether he will remain the party’s secretary-general after the initial period of about three months of laying the party’s ground work is done.

The challenge of running PAD and the New Politics Party at the same time is unprecedented in Thailand — and the real test has just begun.



Sondhi Noncommital on Taking Leader Post in PAD Party

sonthi_pcfPeople’s Alliance for Democracy founder Sondhi Limthongkul has yet to decide on taking a leadership position in the group’s new political party. However, Sondhi vowed that the party will not work with corrupt politicians.

PAD members support Sondhi Limthongkul taking a leadership role in the New Politics Party but he says he has no idea whether he will play a leading role in the party.

Sondhi said he will be pleased to lead the new party, if he is ready, and if the party’s members insist, but added that he may step down from the post after a general election to continue leading the PAD.

Other key PAD leaders also have yet to decide on taking permanent leadership positions in the party while the Election Commission’s endorsement of the party’s registration is pending. The party leader and executive members are expected to be announced officially within the next two months.

As founder of the PAD, Sondhi has vowed that the PAD would continue investigating corruption among all political parties, even its own New Politics Party. He insisted the PAD would stop supporting the new party if corruption or fraud was uncovered within the party.

Sondhi said the new party will focus on transparent administration and serving public interests. He added that it would immediately cancel the controversial NGV-bus project if it was elected to form the government.

Sondhi also vowed that the New Politics Party will not form partnership with parties or members of parties found guilty in scandals or of electoral frauds in the past. Otherwise, he said the New Politics Party will welcome all respectable politicians from other parties, especially the Democrat Party.

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