PAD names new party : New Politics


People’s Alliance to Register as Political Party

“The New Politics Party” (Karn Muang Mai) has been selected as the name of the new political party formed by the People’s Alliance for Democracy, or PAD. Members will register the name with the Election Commission on Thursday.



Core PAD leaders met today to discuss the format, name and membership goals of the new political party after PAD members demonstrated broad support for their plan to form a party. The meeting was held at the Baan Phra Arthit building, headquarters of the Manager Group.

Chaired by Somsak Kosaisuk and PAD coordinator Suriyasai Katasila, the meeting started by choosing a name for the new party. The New Politics Party enjoyed wide support, beating out other names such as Dharma Candle and People’s Alliance for Democracy.

PAD leaders decided to keep the name People’s Alliance for Democracy exclusive to the people’s movement the group has founded and determined that Dharma Candle was too vague to serve as an effective name for the political party.

Meanwhile, a residence of Somsak was selected as the party’s temporary headquarters. A permanent headquarters will be chosen at a later date. It is expected to be located in Bangkok.



As the last item of business on the agenda, Somsak was selected as temporary party leader and Suriyasai was voted as the acting secretary-general. However, after the meeting, Somsak revealed that party leaders would meet again after the party’s name is registered and select the permanent party leader and secretary-general.

Somsak said the party’s logo has not been finished but will be introduced when the party’s new name is registered on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Somsak vowed that the formation of the new party would not distract the PAD from its usual watchdog role of examining corrupt politicians and exposing misdeeds by members of all parties, even the New Politics Party.

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PAD to Announce Party Name and Tentative Leader

The leaders and supporters of the People’s Alliance for Democracy will have a meeting today at Ban Phra Arthit Residence to discuss the finer details about their plan to establish a political party to materialise their ideology of ‘new politics’.

The PAD, political powerhouse and opposition to Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship, will reportedly announce the name of its political party and its tentative leader today. The official PAD Party leader’s name will apparently be revealed in two months.

Following overwhelming approvals from supporters at the first anniversary of 193-day rally that expelled Thaksin Shinawatra from premiership, PAD coordinator Suriyasai Katasila revealed that the PAD will register its own political party this week. Today core leaders, provincial leaders, and founders of the PAD began a meeting at 10 a.m. at Ban Phra Arthit Residence.

Suriyasai revealed that the assembly consists of 20 individuals who represent both genders and people from all groups in the society. He added that, as required by the political party act, the assembly will later finalise the finer details, such as the party’s policies and regulations, and its executive board and leader.

At today’s meeting, the group will vote for a temporary leader. After the meeting, the PAD will entrust this tentative leader to register the PAD Party with the Election Commission. Additionally, the act stipulates that the PAD Party will have to gather 5,000 members, establish four regional branches within one year, and hold an official meeting within six months.

Suriyasai said the real leader and members of the executive board will be chosen at the first official party meeting.

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Democrat MP Tight-Lipped on PAD Party

PAD leader and Democrat MP Somkiat Pongpaiboon

PAD leader and Democrat MP Somkiat Pongpaiboon

A People’s Alliance for Democracy key leader who is also a Democrat MP vows to stay with the Democrat Party and refuses to share his thoughts on the new political party formed by the PAD.

PAD leader and Democrat MP Somkiat Pongpaiboon has refused to give opinions on the newly established New Politics Party, saying he would rather talk about it when the time is appropriate.

He denied showing up at the launch ceremony of the new party formed by the PAD.

He said he must be respectful of the Democrat Party because it has given him opportunities and freedom throughout his political career.

Somkiat continued that the Democrat Party is the epitome of honesty and unwavering opposition to corruption, qualities that helped it last for more than 60 years.

However, he said the two parties could work together while remaining separate.

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