Fact-Finding Panel: Red-Shirt Protesters Killed Nang Loeng Residents


A panel investigating the fatal shooting incident in Nang Loeng area during the red-shirt riot on Songkran Day has initially found that the two victims were killed by red-shirt protesters. However, it has yet to conclude the investigation and is waiting for more information.

The fact-finding subcommittee investigating violent incidents during the anti-government protests in April held a press conference to report progress of its investigation to the public today.

Subcommittee spokesperson Jermmas Chuenglertsiri disclosed that victims and eyewitnesses who were injured by red-shirt protesters and relatives of those who were shot dead in the clash at Nang Loeng community were called in for testimonies.

Jermmas said the witnesses recounted that a group of men in red shirts riding on about 10 motorbikes continually shot into the crowd in Nang Loeng community on the day. 2 men were found shot dead after the incident.

The witnesses definitely believed that the gunmen were red-shirt supporters because people in Nang Loeng community had tried to chase them away fearing possible spillover of violence during protesters’ clashes with security troops.

However, Jermmas said that the issue was sensitive and the subcommittee needs more evidence and testimonies to conclude the investigation.

On Wednesday, Metropolitan Police Division 1 Commander Wichai Sangprapai will be invited to testify to the panel to provide more information about the Nang Loeng incident.

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Din Daeng and Nang Lerng dwellers will not forget their day of danger

The drama of democracy

Weekly Highlight

Red-shirts went on the rampage in Bangkok on April 12 in protest against the arrest of the Pattaya protest leader, Arisman Pongruangrong. They also subsequently swarmed into the grounds of the Interior Ministry where the prime minister was attending a meeting to discuss the emergency. The prime minister escaped, but his car was attacked by the protesters.

 Troops began dispersing red-shirt protesters before dawn on April 13 at Din Daeng intersection. The returned with slingshots, guns and petrol bombs.Hijacked buses used as road barricade were set alight. More than 50 city buses were hijacked and about 30 of them were torched by the protesters.

 The protesters also parked an LPG tanker truck near the Din Daeng flats and opened the gas valve to keep the troops at bay. This alarmed the residents who came out and attacked the protesters. .

 Resistance to the red shirts was also reported in Nang Lerng and Petchaburi neighbourhoods. Two people in the Nang Lerng neighbourhood were shot dead by red-shirt thugs.


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