Thaksin Believed to Use Fake Name to Stay in UAE


The Foreign Ministry has received confirmation from the United Arab Emirates that fugitive ex-premiere Thaksin Shinawatra had left the country last month. However, Thai authorities believe Thaksin is currently in Dubai, assuming so he most likely changed his name and applied for a new foreign passport to enter the country.

Panit Wikitset , Assistant to the Foreign Minister, revealed that he met with the UAE leaders at the 36th International Islamic Council conference in the Syria and they confirmed that fugitive former PM Thaksin Shinawatra had left the UAE since April 20.

The UAE officials added that Thaksin might have changed his named in order to apply for new international passport to enter the state.

However, latest intelligence reports showed Thaksin is living in Dubai. The Thai police will coordinate with UAE police to check whether he had changed his name and passport to stay in the country.

Panit said that he could not mention the extradition agreement with the UAE as they had confirmed Thaksin’s departure from the country.

Meanwhile, Attorney-general Chaikasem Nitisiri said that the Attorney-general’s Office had sent letters to both the UAE and Nicaragua, seeking cooperation from them to in extraditing Thaksin.

He said that Thailand has no extradition treaties with the two countries, adding that the prosecutors were unaware of Thaksin’s exact whereabouts.

He added that the cooperation of the two countries will increase the possibility of getting hold of Thaksin to stand trial in Thailand.

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