“From now on we [PAD] are yellow and green,” : Sonthi


It’s easy being green, says PAD

The People’s Alliance for Democracy has changed its emblematic colour from yellow to a yellow and green combo to reflect its shift to so-called new politics

The PAD’s new colour scheme was announced by movement founder Sondhi Limthongkul at the PAD’s first assembly at Rangsit University..


“Green represents a pollution-free environment and clean politics,” said Mr Sondhi, dressed in khaki slacks and a shirt with dark green stripes. “Yellow is the colour of His Majesty the King.”

The PAD leader looked fully recovered from the head wound he suffered during the attempt on his life on April 17. His car was ambushed on a Bangkok street and an unknown number of men fired on his vehicle.

“From now on we [PAD] are yellow and green,” Mr Sondhi told the crowd.

The new colours are expected to be adopted by the PAD’s party when it is officially formed.The PAD, formed in 2006, had used yellow as its emblematic colour because one of its main objectives was to protect the King and the monarchy. Yellow is the King’s birthday colour.

Green is not new to Thai politics. It was used by civil groups in a popular campaign in support of the 1997 constitution, dubbed the people’s charter.

But it remains to be seen if the PAD’s adoption of green will have the same appeal as it did for the 1997 constitution campaign.



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