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Quotes of the Day 

 “Slap my face with your shoes if one day I take any political position,”  Sondhi once said.

Suthichai Yoon

PAD’s huge turnount today votes for a party

It was a big turnout for members of People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD)at Thammasat University’s Rangsit campus today to officially vote for the formation of a political party “as a tool to promote New Politics.”

The vote wasn’t a surprise. What lies ahead is how the five core leaders will run both the original PAD as a pressure group and also a political party.

The challenge is huge and daunting. But the mood today was one of enthusiasm and hope. The real work has yet to begin.


Thai Talk / Yoon

The “PAD” Five: Now, the real challenge begins


It was undeniably an impressive turnout for member of People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) at Thammasat University’s Rangsit campus. The overwhelming vote in favour of forming a political party wasn’t a surprise. Neither was the majority vote for Sondhi Limthongkul to lead the new party.

The real challenge now is whether “popular street politics” and “party politics” could go hand in hand. Sondhi’s legal qualifications as the party’s leader will be scrutinized. Questions regarding “conflict of interests” will be brought up. Can a party and a media outlet be in the same boat? Of course, one can argue that Thaksin’s Pheau Thai Party is also closely linked to the D-Station.

The five PAD’s leaders have vowed to make the party a “clean and honest” platform. Sondhi has announced that the party’s MPs won’t be allowed to hold Cabinet posts to avoid conflicts of interests. A strong central committee will regulate the behaviour of both the MPs and the party’s Cabinet members. Money won’t be allowed to misguide the party etc…

All these are promises. Building a political party can’t be achieved overnight. It takes patience, strong will and lots of criticisms from within and without.

Can the PAD’s Five deliver? That’s both the promise and challenge. Good luck to anybody who wants to clean up Thai politics. 


The Nation

PAD taking the plunge into untested waters


After the drum-roll, the future of the new party led by the People’s Alliance for Democracy remains a big question mark.

At issue is whether the new party can truly offer a political alternative – or its “new politics” is just rhetoric designed to grab power.

As the PAD is gearing to shift from street protests to mainstream politics, the next general election will be an interesting litmus test to determine whether the PAD-led party will sink or swim.

In his speech on Sunday, PAD co-leader Sondhi Limthongkul said he wanted to adopt green as the new colour for the yellow-shirt crowd. Green signifies clean politics and environmental conservation. The PAD has yet to put the “greening politics” into a test for sustainability….(more)


Bangkok Post


PAD party wins large show of approval

Before the council meeting closed, PAD core members from across the country took to the stage to voice their support for the idea.

Chantima Jiraworanapan from Chaiyaphum said a political party should be set up to carry out the PAD’s platform of ”new politics” and public participation.

”Old politics are limited to politicians’ families and cronies,” she said. ”It leaves no room for the civil sector.”

Even though PAD supporters were in favour of setting up a political party, several were opposed to the possibility of one of the five core members taking up the party leadership.

Thaikorn Polsuwan, a PAD leader in the Northeast, said the core leaders and coordinator should neither assume leadership nor accept executive posts in the party out of concern that the party would be met with resistance.

”My concern is that those who are neutral will not join us,” he said. ”We risk losing an alliance and we will end up like the red shirt group who campaigns for a particular group of people.”

As news of the PAD forming a party spread, the qualifications of PAD core member Sondhi Limthongkul became the centre of a debate. He is widely seen as a candidate for the party leadership…..( Read full stories)


By: Veera Prateepchaikul

Bangkok Post

PAD morphs into parliamentary politics

Setting up a new party is the easy part; the most difficult part is to win the people’s votes. And this will be the crucial test for the leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD)…. (more)


Published on May 27, 2009

Little stands in the way of Sondhi’s journey to the top

The People’s Alliance for Democracy’s plans to form a new political party and the possibility of core leader Sondhi Limthongkul becoming its first leader leads to an important question: Is Sondhi qualified?…. (read full stories)


By Tulsathit Taptim
The Nation

Can the PAD resist the heavy pull of old politics?

ARE you getting that feeling that we only have a French name for? The imminent emergence of a new political party to be founded by members of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) brings back a lot of memories from the 1990s. Strange, isn’t it? For all the purportedly new experiences we have been having over the past few years, something tells us we may have been here before.

Will the PAD party, tentatively called “Candle of Dharma”, be a modern-day Palang Dharma? That Chamlong Srimuang is one of the leading candidates to head the new party, however, is just one of many current circumstances that are oddly similar to those in the past.

In both cases, we have a backdrop of political turmoil, a peculiar marriage between notorious politicians and military leaders allegedly trying to hold on to power after a coup, and a Democrat Party that, by staying aloof, manages to get a major windfall….. (read full story)


 NNT : National News Bureau of  Thailand

Navy Chief supports PAD’s plans to establish political party

Royal Thai Navy Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Khamthorn Pumhiran, voiced his support for the People’s Alliance for Democracy’s (PAD) plans to form a political party. The admiral said he believed that a PAD party would allow problems to be resolved in Parliament and serve as an additional party alternative for the public.

Admiral Khamthorn also said he did not believe that the PAD would continue its street protests after it established a political party. He said that all sides had learned their lessons from past political incidents and would not act in a disorderly manner…. (more)


Sonthi backs PAD to form party

Former army chief and September 2006 coup leader Sonthi Boonyaratkalin supports the People’s Alliance for Democracy’s plan to set up a political party.

The PAD leaders had the right to form a party so they could work within the political system, instead of outside it, Gen Sonthi said on Thursday….( more )


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