Defense Permanent Secretary Calls on Thaksin to Return to Face Charges


The Defence Permanent Secretary has asked fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to prove his sincerity by returning to Thailand to face legal proceedings and not provoking the red-shirt group. Meanwhile, the general says the constitution amendment committee should listen to the public’s voice.

Defence Permanent Secretary General Apichart Penkitti said he agrees that Thaksin should be extradited from the United Arab Emirates because it is the only way for him to clear himself.

He said that whether Thaksin’s return will provoke the red-shirt group or not depends on how sincere Thaksin is since he used to say that he wants to see peace in the country.

As for the constitution amendment, Apichart commented that the government should listen to public opinions. However, he suggested a change in politicians’ behaviour rather than in the Constitution.

He added that the tripartite panel studying political reforms for reconciliation and charter amendments should create conformity within the group first.

TAN Network


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