People’s Alliance Leader Offended by Kom Chud Luek’s Article


The core leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy has expressed disgruntlement with Kom Chud Luek newspaper over its article on the group’s move to form its own political party.

The response followed an article on Kom Chud Luek newspaper speculating on who will hold Cabinet posts under the quota of a new political party once it is set up by the People’s Alliance for Democracy, or PAD.

PAD core leader, Sondhi Limthongkul said the article is inaccurate and intended to cause damage to others. He believes the claim might be manipualted by Democrat Party members aiming to discredit the PAD and bar the group from establishing its own party. He also believes the newspaper is influenced by the Democrats.

However, Sondhi insisted that his group’s friendly relationship with the ruling party remains unchanged but asked its members to open their minds, or the PAD’s party will field election candidates in the constituencies considered Democrat strongholds.

The PAD’s core leader reiterated that the people will get involved in the formation of the PAD’s party but the matter has never been put on the agenda for discussion among its five key leaders. Sondhi added that he is still undecided on whether to hold a post in the new party.

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