Ex-premier Thaksin to Be Charged with Lese Majeste


Police intend to charge fugitive former Premier Thaksin Shinawatra with lese majeste, based on his offensive comments about the monarchy during his interviews with the foreign media last month.

Central Investigation Bureau Chief, Police Lieutenant General Tha-ngai Prassajarksattru revealed that outlawed former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will be charged with lese majeste for comments made in his interviews with foreign news agencies last month.

The decision was made by a special committee comprised of representatives from the Metropolitan Police Bureau, the Central Investigation Bureau, and the Information and Communication Technology Office.

Police Lieutenant General Tha-ngai said the investigation report is expected to be submitted for final review by the National Police Office before it is forwarded to the Attorney-General’s Office.

Meanwhile, the case against Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship leader Jakrapob Penkair is now in the information collection stage, and police will soon report on the progress.

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Thaksin ‘to be indicted’

Fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra will be recommended for indictment based on his “offensive” comments about the monarchy during the Songkran mayhem.

“The police report has drawn the conclusion that Thaksin has committed lese majeste as per Article 112 of the Criminal Code,” Special Branch commissioner Lt General Theeradet Rodphothong said.

Thaksin made numerous disrespectful references to the royal institution in his interviews to the foreign press describing the riots by the red-shirt crowd, he said.

Investigators from the Special Branch, Central Investigation Bureau and Information Technology and Communication Office made a joint recommendation for prosecution.

The investigation report is expected to be submitted for final review by police headquarters before forwarding to the Attorney-General’s Office.

By The Nation
Published on May 15, 2009


Police to seek help from Foreign Ministry to translate Thaksin’s interview

The Central Investigation Bureau chief confirmed Friday that police will make a case against fugitive former prime minister Shinawatra Thaksin on lese Majesty charge.

CIB Commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Thangai Prassajaksattru said a committee in charge of monitoring news that damage reputation of the Royal Family decided that Thaksin had allegedly made lese majesty statement in his recent interview with a foreign website.

Thangai said the interview will be translated into Thai before the CIB will formally begin the case against Thaksin so the CIB will seek help from the Foreign Ministry for the translation.

Thaksin Friday issued a statement saying he had never defamed the Royal Family because he respects the Monarchy like all other Thais.

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Thaksin Releases Statement Against Lese Majeste Accusation

Fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has released his 3rd statement in reaction to police’s lese majeste charges. Meanwhile, the Central Investigation Bureau plans to set up a committee to further investigate the case.

Thaksin released his 3rd statement to Thai local media networks today. However, the statement is not about political issues but about allegations on his alleged lack of loyalty to His Majesty the King. The statement was issued after police decided to take legal action against Thaksin on lese majeste charges yesterday.

In the statement, Thaksin denied the accusations of lese majeste and pledged his everlasting loyalty to His Majesty the King and also said he has the highest respect for the Royal Family.

Thaksin has lived in exile overseas since the 2006 coup and was convicted of a 2 year jail sentence for abuse of power while in office

Thaksin gave several interviews to foreign news networks during last month’s anti government demonstrations and it is parts of these speeches that have led to the accusations of lese majetse.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban has reiterated that police will perform their duty as best as they can in regards to pursuing the convicted premier’s prosecution.

Suthep said that the investigation must be carefully carried out following strict legal procedure. The police have determined that some parts of his statements improperly referred to the Monarchy according to Article 112 of the Criminal Code.

However, Central Investigation Bureau Commissioner Police Lieutenant General Tangai Prassajaksattroo disclosed that he has not yet received files on the case from the Special Branch Division police.

He said a committee including several senior police officials will be set up to investigate the allegations as soon as the bureau receives a request from the special branch police.

Regarding the procedure of the investigation, he revealed that Thaksin’s interviews will first be translated into Thai by the Foreign Affairs Division and the investigation will be completed and sent to the Attorney-General within 3 months.

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