PAD affirms likelihood of political party formation


The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has indicated a high possibility of forming its own political party as planned, noting that the issue will be concluded on May 25.

Praphan Khunmee

Praphan Khunmee

PAD core leader and Advisor to the Minister of Science and Technology Praphan Khunmee asserted today that the group’s longing for its own political party would likely be fulfilled, noting that the party would be structured in a completely new fashion compared to other existing parties.

He elaborated that the new format of the party would not conform to current political practices and would most value the Royal Institution. He said the majority sentiment amongst the PAD was supportive of the party formation, with many believing it would allow for the group’s ideals to be enacted within the Kingdom’s political system and provide citizens with a guiding force.

Mr. Praphan then stated that the party would comprise new faces from a variety of professions such as doctors, businessmen, legal experts and university professors. The PAD core leader also assured that the party would not be tied down by influential individuals or capitalists. He announced that clearer conclusions on the party formation were expected to be made public after the PAD’s major meeting this May 25.

NNT / 2 May 2009


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