Foreign Minister to Continue Efforts to Extradite Thaksin


The foreign minister believes Thaksin Shinawatra has nearly no place of refuge in the world, after Thailand lodged official requests with Europe.

Foreign Minister Kasit Pirom mentioned that he has coordinated with national police, asking them to arrest ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra so that he can serve his two-year prison sentence.

He also believes Thaksin has almost no refuge in the world, following Thailand’s official requests with Europe.

Kasit declared his successes over a four-month period, such as the negotiation with Cambodia about defusing bombs.

He said he has expanded international friendships with the ASEAN members in the areas of helping people after natural disasters and setting up armies to promote peace.

He stated that he received acceptance after performing his mission in other countries, which has built confidence in the country. Meanwhile, Japan and South Korea will attend the ASEAN Public Health summit to be held from May 7th to the 8th in China

TAN Network


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