Thaksin’s peaceful democracy


More and more Thais seem to react to what convicted and former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra called a ‘peaceful democracy’, and this is certainly not set by anyone.

Thaksin yesterday issued his statement declaring the Abhisit government unreasonably blamed the political turmoil during Songkran Festival on him.

Former police chief Pol Gen Vasit Dejkunchorn could not bear writing in response to Thaksin’s statement.

 The article was published on page 6 of Matichon daily newspaper entitled “When Thailand is burned, Thais have to help put out fire”, and is to argue Thaksin’s accusations in the Financial Times.

 Vasit said Thaksin must be very crazy or not smart when trying to link the September 2006 coup to the royal institution.

It is impossible that HM the King will know about the coup beforehand. An royal audience has to go through a particular process no matter how urgent the issue is.

A Thai lady earlier posted her video clip on YouTube saying Thaksin was the worst premier ever.

She denounced …the fugitive ex-premier as a compulsive liar, threat to the press, vote-buyer and betrayer to his own country in the so-called talk of the cyber world.

Manager Online


Who’s lying?


Thaksin Shinawatr said in his latest statement yesterday that all his life, “I believe in peace, liberty and equality.” He denied having any part in the violent attacks launched by the red-shirts during “Bloody Songkran.”

Go back and check out some of his fierce statements through the videolinks to the red-shirted protestors and you can come to your own conclusion.

Or read Jakrapob Penkhair’s statements about “armed struggle” to overthrow the Abhisit government. This 1_jakrapobparticular quote was from his interview with the BBC: “I believe the room for unarmed and non-violence means to resolve Thailand’s problem is getting smaller everyday.”

1_surachaiOr consider why another red-shirt acitivist, Surachai Danwatananusorn, decided to wear his old uniform as a jungle fighter of the now-defunct Communist Party of Thailand (CPT), on Monday when he gave himself up to police in Nakhon Si Thammarat who have charged him with taking part in the violent attacks on Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya two weeks ago when the Asean Plus Six Summit had to be cancelled.

Action speaks much, much louder than words, don’t you think?

Thai Talk, Yoon


Nostalgia of failed ex-communists?


At first, I thought it was nothing more than nostalgia. But it seems they might want the public to take them seriously when they indicated that they might return to the way of the guerrillas of the now-defunct Communist Party of Thailand (CPT).

That’s probably why Surachai Danwatananusorn (previously Surachai Sae Dan) was dressed in the uniform of an ex-guerrilla of the CPT on Monday when he gave himself up to the local police of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Surachai, one of the red-shirted leaders, has been charged with joining others to violently crash into the Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya two weeks ago resulting in the cancellation of the Asean Plus Six summit.

One of the key red-shirts, Jakrapob Penkhair, who has fled abroad, has said the anti-government movement may have to adopt an armed struggle to overthrow the Abhisit government.

There have been talks from within some red-shirts of returning to the guerrilla warfare of the CPT. Government intelligence sources have also suggested that some of the anti-government elements may be considering employing the old CPT’s subversive tactics.

So, why did Thaksin Shinawatr, the biggest red-shirt of them all, came out today with a statement that he would strongly oppose any use of force?

Who’s really confused now?
I can’t help but think these romantic ex-communists are out of touch with reality.

Suthichai Yoon


Thaksin the joker

Thaksin Shinawatra has turned himself into a world-class joker. Why?

First, in Pattaya on April 10, the red-shirted mob that disrupted and threatened the lives of 16 national leaders was led by one of Thaksin’s aides, Arisman Pongruangrong. The Abhisit government had to cancel the Pattaya Summit and postpone the meeting.

Second, in Bangkok another of his aides, Natthawut Saikua, led the red shirts to block roads, hospital entrances and threaten people’s lives by parking gas trucks near their communities, and burned cars and buses on the streets.

Third, last week another of his disciples, Jakrapob Penkair, gave a phone interview to the BBC suggesting that the red-shirt movement will consider going underground and will possibly use force in an effort to bring Thaksin back to power.

Lastly, Thaksin himself tried to discredit the Thai government by claiming, on CNN and the BBC, that up to 60 people were killed during the Songkran unrest. That is not true.

Thus, it boils down to the old proverb: You can lie to all of the people some of the time; you can lie to some of the people all of the time; but you cannot lie to all of the people all of the time”




 TAN NetworkThaksin Releases Statement Rejecting Use of Violence

Ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra today released a statement expressing his position on the necessity of a nonviolent movement so that the real democracy will be restored in Thailand.

Local news agencies reported that they were informed by Noppadon Pattama, former legal advisor to fugitive former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, that the former premier has released a statement about the violent red-shirt protest during Songkran festival to some news agencies in Thailand.

The statement, written by Thaksin, says the ruling government has continuously blamed him and accused him of being the manipulator behind the violent protest of the red shirts during the Songkran festival, despite his intention that peaceful methods be used when calling for democracy and justice from the government.

Thaksin denies all allegations accusing him of wanting to see violence and turmoil in the country in order that he might have victory and a chance to return for premiership of Thailand.
Thaksin insisted that a hundred thousand red-shirt protestors have gathered peacefully for several weeks and he has continually called for a peaceful way to fight for real democracy in Thailand.

He renounces all violent strategies even though they may bring him and his supporters to the victory over the ruling government.

In the last paragraph of the statement, Thaksin vowed to continue fighting for real democracy through nonviolent means. He expressed his confidence that the people’s power will lead them to a peaceful victory in the end.


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