Thaksin & Jakrapob to Be Hunted Down on Lese Majeste Charge


Jakrapob given deadline to surrender by June 15 or face arrest warrant

The special branch police have revealed that ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his close aide allegedly committed lese majesty in their interviews with foreign news agencies this month.

Special Branch Police Chief Police Lieutenant, General Teeradej Rodphothong , reported that police have determined that many of the interviews given by fugitive ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and red shirt leader, Jakrapob Penkair , could be considered a violation of lese majesty laws, according to the criminal code article 112.

Thaksin and Jakrapob have given many interviews to leading international news agencies such as CNN, BBC and Aljazeera since April 12th, when the red-shirts began their “final war”.

The ICT department of the National Police Office has collected the interviews from websites.

The special branch police commissioner says that if the two are found guilty, the cases will be sent to the central investigation bureau.

An investigative committee will be set up to follow the case and the attorney-general will be responsible for bringing them back for judicial processing in Thailand.

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Deputy PM Suthep : I don’t know whereabout of Jakrapob

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said he ordered authorities to keep a close watch on reports that former members of defunct Communist Party of Thailand joined hands with red shirts to work underground and have assassination plan.

He also said that he did not know whereabout of runaway Jakrabob Penkair who pledged to use different tactics to fight against the government including violence using of weapons.

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Jakrapob to face action for armed-struggle call : PM

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Tuesday said the government would take action against runaway red- shirt leader Jakrapob Penkair for publicly calling for an armed struggle against his government.

The outspoken red-shirt leader last week gave the BBC a telephone interview from an undisclosed location, saying the red shirts movement would use different tactics to confront the government, including armed attacks.

 “This proves that the idea by some leaders of the red shirts not to respect the law and use violence exists. This is obviously a violation of the law. We will take action definitely,” he said.

However, Abhisit said other red-shirt leaders denied that they would use armed struggle against the government.

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Jakrapob given deadline to surrender by June 15 or face arrest warrant

Former PM’s Office minister Jakrapob Penkair will face an arrest warrant in the lese majesty case if he fails to report himself to public prosecutors by June 15.

Chaiyasit Pisawongprakan, director of Criminal Case Department, said an arrest warrant would be sought against Jakrapob if he fails to report himself to public prosecutors by June 15.

The public prosecutors initially planned to make a decision Wednesday whether to arraign Jakrapob but his lawyer asked the prosecutors to defer the decision until June 15, saying Jakrapob is on an overseas trip.

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Jakrapob’s meeting with prosecutors put off

Public prosecutors on Wednesday postponed their meeting Jakrapob Penkair to June 15 before they make a decision whether to indict him for lese majeste.

Jakrapob, formerly a prime minister’s Office minister and until recently a leader of the red-shirt movement, asked for the postponement saying he had some business to attend to overseas.

The prosecutors decided to grant him the request because further investigation and questioning of witnesses, as well as translation of relevant documents, had not been completed, according to Kayasit Pisawongprakan, director-general of the criminal litigation division at the Attorney-General’s Office.

The case against Jakrapob is in connection to a lecture he delivered, in English, at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand in August 2007.

If Jakrapob fails to report to the prosecutors on June 15, his guarantors would be asked to find him or an arrest warrant would be issued for him, Kayasit told a press conference at the Attorney-General’s Office.

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