Govt: UAE Allows Thaksin’s Entry for Business Purposes


The deputy commerce minister has revealed that the UAE government has already sent its draft extradition compact to the Thai Foreign Ministry, but he accepted that ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra would still be allowed to enter the middle east for business purposes.

Deputy Commerce Minister Alonkorn Polabutr stated that the United Arab Emirates or UAE does not ban the entry of ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawtra, but said he is not allowed to use the middle east countries as his base to attack Thailand.

Alongkorn is now in charge of monitoring Thaksin’s moves in the UAE. He said the UAE government has already informed Thaksin in writing of its restrictions.

The deputy commerce minister added that the fugitive former PM has brought a number of properties in the UAE, particularly in Dubai and his visits are believed to be based around business.

Alonkorn revealed that the UAE has already sent the draft extradition treaty to the Thai Foreign Ministry. The two countries are expected to countersign the document in the near future.

The deputy commerce minister believes Thaksin is now in Africa after he was given a Nicaraguan passport, but he refused to comment on the speculation that the ousted prime minister also holds a Cambodian passport.

Alongkorn also cited claims by Thaksin’s close aids over his planned investment in several countries as simply efforts to save face by the ousted PM’s.

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