Anonymous lady versus Thaksin


Who is she?

That’s the words on many people’s mouths now. A mysterious Thai woman who has caused quite a stir on YouTube with two video clips attacking Thaksin Shinawatra looks ordinary enough, but her uploads are anything but One thing seems certain: She’s very, very angry.

Her first video, named “Kill Thaksin”, was put on the popular website about a week ago decrying Thaksin’s suspected hand in the Songkran violence. It has drawn nearly 10,000 viewers and still counting fast.

Speaking in English with an American accent, she accused Thaksin of using money he “stole” from Thailand to pay protesters to run fiery riots during the Songkran festival. “Mr compulsive liar…..that money belongs to the country you @#$% idiot, not you,” she said.

“You’d better @#$% stop doing it (destroying Thailand) right now or we will pitch in and hire someone to @#$% kill you and all your family members.”

In her second video, posted on April 22, the woman again questioned Thaksin’s proclaimed loyalty to the monarchy, saying fugitive former red-shirted leader Jakrapob Penkair had been running around spreading insulting information about the highest institution.

“Is this how you love Thailand, Mr Thaksin?” she asked.

The woman added that Thaksin had been telling the global media that innocent protesters have been killed in the country.

“Mr Thaksin, you are defaming your country. Is that how you want a better future for your Thailand?”

“If I were you, I would rather shut up, because the more you talk, the more people know what a liar, liar you are.”

The Nation

Kill Thaksin

Kill Thaksin Thai people come out and tell about evil Thaksin. This Thai girl is very brave to expose Thaksin for the world listen his evil and how Thai people disgust with him. The man behind the murder so of called drug dealers or terrorists meant Thaksin had thousands of people shot extra-judicially. He stole tax payers money and tried to divide and rule creating underground gangs of thugs. Thai people hate him but most are too afraid to speak up against this tyrant monster – here we have one very brave Thai heroine standing up and speaking out to protect her land and people against Thaksin’s international media lobbbyist attack.

Thaksin says he loves Thailand but paying protesters to burn down public places

Thaksin please stop poisoning our country

Thaksin lied on internation TV saying soilders shot 60 barehand protesters to death. Truth was actually seen on live broadcast on thai tv. Nobody died except 2 innocent people whom were shot by red shirt protesters. The two are residents of Nang-Lerng village who were yelling at protesters to go away. Apparently, protesters didn’t come barehands. On CNN news also showed protesters seizing weapons from police, seizing military vehicles, burning buses, and setting up fires around town. Mr. Thaksin. Please stop your compulsive lying. The whole knows about it.

your protesters attacked me

Mr. Thaksin, today your protesters attacked me just because my friend and I were handing out water to soldiers.


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  1. I posted my thoughts on Thaksin, please see blog

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