Nicaragua Press Reveals Truth Behind Appointment of Thaksin as “Special Ambassador


The Spanish language newspaper, El Diario, reported that former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s appointment as Special Ambassador by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is not the first time the president has appointed someone with judicial problems to be special ambassador.

The El Diario said that on October 2008, Ortega appointed Albaro Robello Konsalez , who was accused of defrauding a bank in Spain, as special ambassador as well.

Hosay Payais , the Nicaraguan director of the Committee on Justice and Law, recently criticised the appointments of special ambassadors by President Ortega, saying that Ortega usually appoints people as special ambassadors without considering diplomatic customs and relations between countries.

Payais also said, concerning the appointment of Thaksin and Albaro Robello Konsalez as special ambassadors, that they are not in line with the 1961 Vienna Treaty on diplomatic relations, which outlines the international law and is respected by the international community.

He also expressed concerns that Ortega often allows foreigners to hold Nicaraguan passports. This conflicts not only with international law but also Nicaraguan laws which state that the appointment of an ambassador by the head of the state must be approved by the parliament first.

However, Nicaraguan’s Foreign Minister Manuel Coronel Kautz gave an interview during the past weekend, saying that the president was right in appointing Thaksin as special ambassador, since Thaksin has experience in both politics and business.

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The Nicaraguan Post


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