Red-shirt Leader Announces End of Rally


According to a military source and faced with an imminent threat of the final dispersal of the protesters, a key red-shirt leader has announced on stage that the rally is over.

According to a military source, key red-shirt protest leader Veera Musikapong announces that the red-shirt days-long rally is over. However initial reports indicate that there are still some disagreements over the decision among the protesters who are gathering near Government House.

The Metropolitan police has announced the details of the Emergency decree on loud speakers this morning, encouraging the protesters to return home.

Latest reports indicate that around 70 percent of the protesters want to return home, while 30 percent wants to continue to protest.
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Red protesters told to disperse; “arson” plots unveiled


Police photographed the protesters holding their identity cards

Police photographed the protesters holding their identity cards

Veera tells demonstrators at Government House to go home; Deputy PM Suthep alleges key arson plots against BKK Bank and CP

Channel 11 reported that at 11:04 am Tuesday, Veera Musigapong, a red-shirted leader, told the protesters at the Government House to disperse.

Weng Tojitrakan, another red-shirted leader, asked soldiers to move back by 20 metres so that the protesters could pick up their belongings and disperse.

Veera told the crowd that the voluntarily dispersing was not a defeat of the red-shirted movement but was aimed at protecting the life of the protesters.

The leaders were also reportedly saying they were willing to surrender to the police following rioting over the past few days leading to many injuries and at least two persons killed.

No immediate movement of the crowd at Government House has been reported.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban has announced during a TV Pool programme at 11.30 am that police arrested three suspects Monday night who allegedly were involved in arson plots against key places including Bangkok Bank headquarters and a CP building.

One of the suspects made confession. Senior officers accompanying Suthep at the press announcement said the three were arrested with pistols, bullets and a lot of petrol. The “evidence” was shown at the TV pool press announcement.

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