Several police and protesters were injured during a riot inside the Interior Ministry Sunday afternoon when red-shirted protesters tried to attack a motorcade leaving the compound on suspicion that the prime minister was inside one of the cars, Thai PBS reported.

The red-shirted protesters blocked and raided the ministry’s compound once after Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva finished announcing the state of emergency on TV at 2;30 pm.

Thai PBS confirmed that both Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban were not in any car of the motorcade.

The station said Abhisit and Suthep left the Interior Ministry before the red-shirted protesters managed to block the entrance of the compound and ran inside and rioted.

A series of gunfire was herd when protesters attacked the motorcade.

Reporters of Thai PBS said a security officer fired warning shots in the sky to warn protesters to stop hitting the car with flower pots and metal barricades, prompting the protesters to become more furious and ran after him. Soldiers had to come out to rescue the official from being lynched by the protesters.

But the soldiers simply pushed away the angry protesters without using shields or batons to attack them.

Some protesters were injured when hit by the car when they ran after the car.

By The Nation

Deputy PM’s Sec-Gen Nipon attacked by protesters





Deputy PM’s Secretary-General Nipon Promphan suffered a head injury after protesters attacked his car inside the Interior Ministry.

The vehicle managed to break through protesters out of the ministry.




Was the PM in that Mercedes? Who cares anyway?

And, if you look at news photos and video clips carefully, many in the angry mob swarming the Mercedes had green skin, indicating that they must have come from outer space.

Whether Abhisit was actually in that car or not, we can’t really feel any better either way. 

Whatever the truth is, the “ambush” was an outgrowth of a symptom that has never been properly treated. It won’t do either side any good to provoke a debate on something that senseless. After all, if people had cared about right and wrong, the controversial incident would not have happened in the first place.

When we watch photos or videos of the Interior Ministry episode, we just look at casualties of war. Nothing more, nothing less.


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