Red-shirted shooed away from Sathorn


Red-shirted people’s attempt to block the Sathorn-Narathiwat Intersection Friday was foiled by unity of normal people on the road who happened to be there.

People crossing the roads on connected pedestrian shouted in unison “get out, get out” when a group of red-shirted people tried to block the Intersection, which turns left to Rama III road with traffic barricades and taxis at 11 am.

Some motorcyclists also drove through the barricade to disrupt the attempt to block the road.

Some motorcyclists also parked their machines and walked to push out the barricades away from the road.

Several motorcyclists and other pedestrians also pushed or kicked the taxis when they were driven away.

The people shouted in joy when the red-shirted people retreated in taxis and motorcycles.

By The Nation

Description : A group of red-shirted people is shooed away by angry people at the South Sathorn Intersection next to Rama III Road at 11 am Friday.


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