Civil Networks Ask Thaksin to Cease Activities


Many activist groups, NGOs and other civic networks have come together to call on deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to stop using the people as a tool to instigate violence for his personal gain.

A number of groups whose members range from university students to former senators joined hands to form the People against Civil War. The group released a statement today in response to the threat of violence amidst the escalating protest by the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship, or DAAD.

The group’s statement urged ousted PM Thaksin Shinawatra to respect the law and refrain from using the people as a political tool for personal gain in the name of democracy.

The People against Civil War also urged the Abhisit government to exercise restraint and avoid violence if at all possible in managing the latest demonstrations.

At the same time, the group called on the DAAD to protest peacefully and to avoid provoking the government or security forces. The statement also urged the media to closely monitor any conflicts to determine who instigated them.

The group’s statement also requested Thai people to respect different viewpoints and refrain from mistreating people who do not share the same ideology.

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