Newin to Thaksin: Tell your men to stop hurting the monarchy


Newin Warns Thaksin to Stop Insulting the Monarchy

Newin Chidchob, who was once the right-hand man of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, launched an offensive against his old boss today, claiming Thaksin’s only goal is to regain his personal power and wealth. He also warned Thaksin not to do anything to damage the Monarchy.

After facing harsh criticism during the anti-government red-shirt rally, Bhumi Jai Thai Party founding member Newin Chidchob struck back at his former boss today during a press conference at Siam City Hotel in Bangkok. Newin warned Thaksin to stop “destroying” his country and attacking the Privy Council.

Newin said any attack on the Privy Council could be considered an indirect attack on the Monarchy because His Majesty the King appointed all Privy Council members. He said he believed Thaksin’s and the red shirts’ attacks are intended for figures beyond the Privy Council. He noted that the anti-government Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship, or DAAD, stated in January that they planned to reform the country and its institutions.

Newin vowed that anyone who wanted to harm the Monarchy would have to cross his dead body.

Also, Newin said the DAAD plans to incite violence nationwide in a bid to tear the country down, and warned that anyone who participated in their demonstrations might themselves become victims of violence.

Newin claimed the DAAD’s goal has shifted from fighting against the previous military-installed government and on behalf of democracy to fighting only for one man – Thaksin.

He said that no matter how much loyalty he feels toward Thaksin, he will never support Thaksin as long as he loves himself more than his country.

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Newin to Thaksin: Tell your men to stop hurting the monarchy

Former confidant says those who disagree with Thaksin are hunted

A tearful Newin Chidchob on Tuesday launched a stinging attack on former boss Thaksin Shinawatra and asked him to put a brake on the red shirted movement’s activities that may have upset His Majesty the King.

His voice choked with emotion, Newin said if he could ask for two things from Thaksin after “risking my life” for him, he would want the former prime minister to “tell his men” to stop “hurting” the monarch and ending activities that could damage Thailand as a whole.

The political drama unfolded on TV as Newin and his colleagues appeared at a press conference to rebut claims by the redshirted movement that they had “betrayed” Thaksin.

The “real betrayal” and “utter show of ingratitude”, he said, was Thaksin’s treatment of Samak Sundaravej when he was made to believe that Thaksin was 100 per cent behind efforts to reinstate him as prime minister last year. Newin claimed Thaksin betrayed Samak by asking coalition allies and some People Power Party MPs to back Somchai Wongsawat as prime minister after Samak had been disqualified in the cooking show controversy.

Newin asked red shirted protesters who planned to join in a mass rally on Wednesday to reconsider their decision, saying their leaders had ulterior motive beyond toppling Abhisit government.

Newin, who once a right hand man of runaway ex-PM Thaksin Shinawtara, said that the leaders of the protesters have held people hostage in order to achieve their goals and for their own benefits.

“Please think twice, the red shirt protesters. You all are being used. Your leaders have hidden agenda beyond what they told you, beyond ousting this government,” he said.

Newin’s voice was choked with emotion when he said he was ready to die for the monarchy and would do anything to fight those who wanted to destroy the monarchy.

In his phone-ins, Thaksin has encouraged the protesters to join the mass rally on April 8, to oust Abhisit government.

He directed most of his press conference on denying that he betrayed Thaksin by turning to support Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva to form the government.

“It is Khun Thaksin that betrayed us all, particularly on exPrime Minister Samak Sundaravej. Khun Thaksin and his Thai Rak Thai party had done everything to push for Samak to become prime minister.

However it was him that finally betrayed Khun Samak by not voting for him to be reappointed as prime minister.

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Newin, sobbing, tells all: I was exploited by Thaksin

Newin Chidchob made a tearful confession today about his breakup with former Premier Thaksin Shinawatra. He revealed for the first time that Thaksin had betrayed Samak Sundaravej when the former decided at the last minute to instruct his party members to vote for Somchai Wongsawas instead of reinstating Samak after the court verdict against him.

“That’s real betrayal,” Newin said. He said Thaksin had called him and many other senior party members to vote for the return of Samak. “He had told me that we must vote for Samak at all cost…but then he changed his mind…”

Newin made this disclosure to counter allegations from the red-shirted protestors that Newin had betrayed Thaksin by joining the Abhisit government despite the fact that Thaksin had “given Newin everything” to make him what he is today.

Newin said the ongoing red-shirted protest was aimed only to benefit one person — and that’s Thaksin.

He accused the red-shirted core members of trying to undermine the monarchy by attacking privy councillors.

“I suspect that the real aim of the April 8 demonstration is not only to topple the government. It goes beyond that. On Jan 15, this year, when D-Station was inaugurated, one senior member of the red-shirts, who is also present in the current rally, declared that they will fight to have a new Thai state. Why does that mean? What kind of a new Thai state was he talking about?”

Newin said he owed Thaksin only one thing: “He taught me the right management style. Apart from that, I owe him nothing. I was elected MP even before Thaksin entered politics. My friends and I were elected in the Lower Northeast based on our own ability. We did not win because of Thaksin or Thai Rak Thai Party at all…”

Towards the end of the hour-long press conference, Newin, choking back tears, said he would like to ask two things of Thaksin:

“One: I would like to ask Khun Thaksin to tell his people to stop tarnishing the monarch. Two: If he really loves this country, he should call off this demonstration.”

Newin said he had been used by Thaksin to “carry out missions that nobody else wanted to do or were capable of doing…but after what I saw him do to Khun Samak, I knew that the same thing would happen to us, sooner or later…and that has come to pass now….”

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Newin asks Thaksin to end protests , Bangkok Post

Newin Chidchob, who used to be Thaksin Shinawatra’s right-hand man, on Tuesday made an emotional appeal to the former premier to stop questioning His Majesty the King’s royal judgement in the selection and appointment of privy councillors

Stop hurting the King : Newin,  The Nation

“When we think differently from Thaksin, we are hunted. We are destroyed,” he said with trembling voice. “With respect, I want to send a message to [former] prime minister Thaksin that we are men, we are human, not slaves.

“I want to tell brothers and sisters joining the rally, I want to tell the [rally] leaders, I was a tool.”


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